eCourse: Holistic Intuition

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“To manifest our desires we need to listen more clearly to that loving voice within us. It is a spoken intelligence of our heart and soul. Everyone has it. The inner wisdom that goes beyond our senses,  to the very essence of Source and possibility. It always knows where to guide us, if only we pay attention, listen and go with it. When we align our calm, determined, open-hearted focus with that Source, the Source of all things, Source energy, we begin to make decisions from a place of stillness and divine design. So, open up, get still, and listen to your own emotional GPS.” – Oprah Winfrey


That amazing ability we all possess, yet so seldom listen to with any thread of truth.

We tend to rationalize, everything, in our society. Growing up means giving up our childish enthusiasms, trading our colourful wardrobes for starch-pressed suites and dresses. Where “appropriate” mores and rules are “perfect, shrewd, and life-less.”

If you have found this post, and the words above have resonated with you, I ask you to truly begin your journey with listening to your intuition where true happiness lives.

We cannot allow ourselves to further perpetuate the “appropriate adult world” for intuition lives in the land of innocence of childhood.

If you were someone who was forced to grow up quick, taking care of your family instead of the other way around, your inner child may be starving for attention. If you fortunate to have a fruitful childhood filled with adventure and the land of “make-believe” then you will more familiar with this sort of thing, you simply may have just forgotten about how to get there.

Don’t worry.

Things happen.

We grow. We change. We evolve.

But in which direction is up to you. The realm of intuition is not linear, as Deepak Chopra says, “intuition is contextual, relational, and holistic. It is an attribute of our soul and does not have a win-lose orientation.” Which was just where our hearts and minds were as children before the “real-world” affronted us with cold, harsh, cynicism, and disbelief.

Ever since we were children we have been taught that we do not have the answers. But we do.

We possess the answers to the universe’s biggest questions. And if we listen, if we listen to our intuition, we will be able to learn from ourselves: the source of untold wisdom and insight.

And how might we do this? How can we tap into this Intuitive world, this inner knowing more easily?

There are several ways.

  1. We must remember our innocence. We must remember the naive spiral dance of youth. Where we received and shared nurture. When we were completely in touch with our bodies and we believed in ourselves and in everything. Every weird, crazy, and fantastical possibility. What were some of your favourite activities as a child?
  2. We must let go and accept our fears. There is beauty all around us and there is beauty in life’s natural processes. We all have fears. Fear of how we may be perceived. Fear about what will happen. What might have been. We must grieve when we are afraid if need be. And above all cannot rush or deny all of the feelings associated with our fear. Once we accept these fears, we can then release them because we will come to realize that they no longer serve our lives, nor our minds, nor our hearts. What are you most afraid of?
  3. We must listen for inspiration from the quietest sound of all: our own inner voice. This is our intuition after all. It speaks to us in different ways, but it always is speaking either with words, images, or emotive feelings. Do this by taking time everyday, even if it is only for five minutes, to sit with your intuition. Sit in silence. Slowdown. Go for a walk. And be open to its advice. We may not always like what we hear, but we must learn again to trust ourselves. When you do this, what do you hear?
  4. We must connect to our wildness. Wildness is essential to intuition because intuition comes from a place of no inhibition. It is raw, the place we derive our instincts, sensuality, and passion. From this wildness comes a new belief in ourselves. Where we can face our fears, embrace our sexuality, and reconnect with our bodies. By bridging our wildness with our reason, our left and right hemispheres of the brain, we discover the vesica piscis, where intuition is born. Truest truth can be better understand and believed when it is both linear and holistic at the same time. Why not try to connect to your wildness in the greatest wildness of all: the wilderness of nature?
  5. We must dance our dance and express ourselves fully and openly.  When we embrace our deepest inner truths we will be able to see truth, hear truth, and experience truth. If you must dance alone, go ahead, but still get up and dance! With this passionate expression of Self, we will be able to unlock those hidden talents within us, which connects us to our intuitive abilities. The ways in which Source speaks to us is through our innate talents and gifts. Everyone has talent and gifts. Let go of self-doubt. Let your talents shine! If you don’t think you do as an adult, what were some things you were very good at as a child?
  6. We must combine our opposites to open our third-eye. A key to living a happy life filled with a connection to your intuition depends upon your ability to not only accept your fears, but all of the diverse personalities and quirks that make up who you are. This means both the light, goody-goody things about you; and the dark, not too goody-goody things. Your whole life is a work of art, but things only get worse when there is a failure  to come to terms with difficult nitty-grittiness. Embrace all that you are. What are some things you have done lately that you don’t particularly like?
  7. We must listen to our intuitions when then come calling. Intuition comes and goes, but when it comes we would do well to listen to it and follow its instruction. Remember that whole trusting your Self thing? We must because intuition unheeded only makes us more angry and sorrowful. True intuition comes from a place of pride, not from a sense of guilt.  Is there something your intuition has been trying to tell you lately, but you havn’t been listening?
  8. We must find an outlet. Finding an outlet for our intuition helps to allow it flow more frequently and freely. Whether its writing your impressions down in a journal, painting, writing a song, or using a divination tool such as tarot, or runes these will allow you to put some structure to sometimes the “unstructured” nature of our intuition.
  9. We must have fun and live from a place of love. Having fun with our intuition only strengthens it. This does not mean we are always right, but it creates an environment that nurtures our intuitive expression as well as our own Self expression. Having fun connects us with our inner child, our sexuality, our creativity, and our bodies. When we can have fun, and even poke fun at ourselves, we can taste the richness of our inner fruitfulness, our inner Oracle. Fun feeds connection and fun feeds love, the Source of our intuition, from our hearts. When we live from a place of joyful love, we connect to our highest health and our intuitive abilities seem to only flourish and grow exponentially. What can you do, today, to have more fun? What can you do, today, to share your love with others? What can you do, today, to love your Self?

So, what is intuition?

What does it mean to be intuitive? 

Intuition can be defined in so many different ways, but universally to be intuitive means that you have this uncanny ability to just know what is right for you.

Some people like to shy away from the “psychic” label. I myself prefer “intuitive.”

Abilities range like I said above. Some people are Mental Intuitives. Thinkers. More logical people who need proof to believe, who are less connected to their hearts or feelings, yet seek to understand. These people tend to be clairvoyant, which means “clear-vision” or clairaudient (clear-hearing). People like this tend to be blessed with precogition (knowing/seeing past events), premonition (knowing/seeing future events), and the perception of present events happening in real-time. They may be visions, or flashes while awake doing nothing at all, in meditation or asleep in your dreams.  These people may also be have the ability to read auras or energy fields. Those who are clairaudient, tend to do well with automatic writing, which helps to bring sense to the voices or songs that may come from Spirit Guides.

Some people are Emotional Intuitives. Empaths. More emotional people who do not need proof to believe all the time, who are more connected to their hearts and feelings. These people tend to be claircognizant (clear-knowing), clairsentient (clear-touching/feeling), and are typically healers drawn to the healthcare field. (Nurses, Doctors, CNAs, DSPs, Massage Therapists, Energy workers or Reiki Practitioners.) People who are clairsentient, may be adapt at Psychometry, which is the ability to use touch to gain information about an object being held.

To have holistic intuition is to embrace both kinds: Mental and Emotional, and giving equal importance and training in all four “clairs.”

There has been heavy misinformation out there that intuitive people are either insane schizophrenics, or are special saint-like people.

Everyone has an intuitive ability, and everyone experiences it one time or another. Sometimes it is that gut-feeling in the pit of your stomach, or your hair standing on end and a feeling like something is wrong. Sometimes it is goose-flesh when you hear or see something that resonates with your inner spirit, or when something just feels “right.”

Sometimes though, things get blocked, for whatever reason. It could be an energy imbalance, toxins or pollutions that have negatively affected your abilities. It could be fatigue, stress, and ill-ness which can be seen as a manifestation of a block. Philosophy aside there are ways to unblock yourself, which were described above.

Other “quick-fixers” are simple.

  1. Tender Loving Care. We all need some R&R from time to time. Recharge your Self. Treat your Self. Indulge in your Self. Take frequent naps. Get plenty of sleep.  I am a HUGE fan of siestas. Take a mini vacation or go all the way. The choice is yours, but either way afterwards you will be right as rain. Just be sure to return to “normal” life slowly. Don’t go in guns blazing when you get back, because this is just counter productive. Getting out in nature, gifting yourself a massage, or simply running yourself a bath does wonders!
  2. Nutrition and Mild-Exercise.  Eating a healthy diet well balanced with whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and proteins will give you a much needed boost. You are after all what you eat. So eat to your health and drink to your health. Detoxifing your body and behavior will get you back on track. Drinking plenty of fresh filtered water will do your system wonders!

All in all, I hope this mini eCourse helps you along your path. If you have questions feel free to comment below or contact me privately.

Many blessings and hugs. Namaste my intuitive friends.


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