Blessed Santa Lucia Day!

This was the best video of an authentic Saint Lucia Concert. It captures the beauty of both candle light and song. Once you get to the tale of her sainthood, and you do not speak Swedish, fast-forward to 6:40 to listen to the rest of the concert.

Tonight, I am a little bit under the weather so I am bundled up with a candle burning for Santa Lucia.

The following is a series of beautiful excerpts from one of my newly discovered online magazines, Amulet Magazine, which follows Earth-based Seasonal Living. In it you will also find information on how to throw a fabulous Saint Lucia Party for the holidays, as well as a wonderful songs and recipes.

Namaste my dear friends and Happy Holidays!


December 13th is a church feast day celebrated as St. Lucy’s Day to commemorate the virgin martyred saint Santa Lucia of Syracuse, Italy around 300 C.E. She is associated with the winter solstice, the blind, with light, writers, throat infections, famine relief, epidemics, lamps, and swords. The legend is her faith was so strong a team of oxen could not pull her away from her truth.

Her name comes from the Latin “luz” and literally means “light”. Her worship migrated through uncertain means to Scandinavia, where she takes on Germanic, pre-Christian aspects and is celebrated on Lussinatta, or Lussi Night, which echoes the pagan Wild Hunt myth and takes place on December 13th, the solstice of the ancient Julian calendar.

She appears in white, with a crown of candles and a red sash, bringing saffron baked treats. She ushers in the coming of the light, Yule, and the Christmas season. For a captivating and thorough guide to St. Lucy’s Day, please see Joanna Powell Colbert’s “A Crown of Candles: How to Throw a Fabulous St. Lucia Party” e-book. An excerpt from the music section is below.

santa lucia song



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