Desire and Destiny Day 20: Visionary Me

the world is waiting for my vision

“The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.”  —Malcolm Gladwell

When we think of networking, we likely see ourselves at a cocktail party, handing out business cards, meeting new acquaintances, and sharing a little bit about ourselves. Today we will take a refreshed look at the possibility that opens when networking with our communities from a spiritual perspective—it is something quite different.

As we spend more time in stillness and align ourselves with intuition, we understand our roles as visionaries and we have the opportunity to connect with everyone around us in an entirely new way. Instead of “getting out there” in order to make something happen, we embrace opportunities to venture out because we want to meet new people, experience things we have never done before, and share what we have learned with everyone we meet.

All of us are visionaries with something to share. Connecting fulfills us and enables us to help others find fulfillment as well.

Our centering thought for today is:

“The world is waiting for my vision.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Aham Brahmasmi.” I am the universe.


Make a point today of reaching out to someone you have never had a conversation with before. For instance, there may be someone in your office to whom you’ve offered a polite greeting every day but never learned his name. Take a few minutes and talk to this person; get to know him or her and share something about yourself. Notice how much richer your life feels after you have enjoyed this person’s company.

Visionary Connection

Sometimes in the spiritual world, we struggle with finding our “tribe.”

I have seen this time and time again, which gives rise to deeper feelings of being alone.

From this space of being alone however, the paradox is that we then discover that we really aren’t alone.

We have friends, and acquaintances due to our similarities, interests, and desires. Unless we truly have a social “dysfunction” that doesn’t allow us to connect with others, we find that reality in our isolation that we do have a community of sorts, however small.

And sometimes the things most precious come in small packages.

But at risk of sounding cliche, there comes a point when our desires and dreams become too large for our small group of friends. Sometimes this brings on a new yearning, a connection to create a community of larger size. And we do this by networking, but not in the traditional sense. This doesn’t mean to get out there and start friending a whole bunch of people on facebook. It means, taking a risk, and actually connecting on a one-on-one basis with people you meet in public.

It means having the courage, pushing your anxiety aside, and sharing your vision with others.

Who knows? You may just find that a few more people will have a similar vision, and then more, and then more. This creates  snowball effect of connection, all stemmed from sharing your true vision with others. By doing this, inspiration and interest mix. New opportunities arise.

Getting out there is more than sticking your neck out. It is so much more than linear networking from person to person. It is about true connection. Creating true relationships. True friendships.

Enjoy and share your vision with others. Comradery and connecting to your community inspires others, and leads to discovering untold potential in these relationships. Of course it may not be easy, and may take some time. But to share one’s passion and dream with others sometimes necessitates them actually seeing it, and experiencing it for themselves first. So share your passions. Share your visionary you.

Together in community we can create the world we want to see, feel, touch, smell, and taste.

The world is waiting for your vision.
You are the universe.
The world is waiting for my vision.
I am the universe.
Namaste, we are all one.


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