“Like” to Invite New Year Happiness & Health Into Your Life: A New Moon Reiki Meditation


What is Reiki? Reiki is Love. Reiki is universal. It cuts through the bullshit of everyday, well, bullshit.

It is originally a Japanese relaxation technique that promotes healing. But Reiki has been known by many different names and has been taught many different ways across the world since the beginning of humankind’s realization and discovery. It’s done through touch and also through non-touch. A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands into the client, promoting relaxation and allows for the release of tension, whether it is past trauma, current dis-ease, or future worry. It can be done in close proximity, or be sent, much like a prayer, over long distances to any place or anyone. Reiki is cool like that.

Wednesday night, we will be meditating for inner and outer harmony in our minds, bodies, and souls.

If you would like to participate, simply, “LIKE,” this post prior to 11pm EST and I will add you to the pot. We will be using synchronized meditation as well as a Reiki box for those far and wide.

With this cycle I wanted to add a bit of imagery in the form of a card (see below) for those of you who find it either difficult or intimidating to meditate. Anyone can meditate. All it takes is time. If anything else, it has been scientifically proven to increase people’s states of mind and increases mental faculties. A majour part meditation is not so much to turn off the brain, actually, it is about allowing the brain to do what it will, being kind to yourself, and just giving yourself that time to let go and relax.

I will also, again, be sending much needed energy to our brothers and sisters around the world who have suffered and continue to suffer at great length. If you have any special requests for any loved ones, please also feel free to comment, but you can do this yourself by focusing on them while you participate. Regardless if you can or can’t, I will be sending to who ever asks for the gift of blessings. No one will be turned away.

I would also entertain any prayers or blessings for the Earth and her healing at this time as well. 

I would also like to entertain any prayers or blessings for all who have died or were born this year.

Let us shine our love and support during this New Moon for those who most need it. Let us pray for the renewal of hearts, prosperity and health in the year to come.

We are walking our Winter journeys as we look towards a new year of immense potential.

As we prepare to meditate under a sky filled with stars, let us set the intention to gently acknowledge and release to spirit all thoughts and feelings about our perceived challenges and adversities that do not serve us.

And let’s fill our Selves with infinite love, light, and joy.

As we step into this acceptance and find our resilience, we open to prosperity and our infinite potential.

And isn’t that the truest truth my friends? Thoughts are incredible powerful things. By shifting our thoughts and perceptions, we can open ourselves up to what is really happening. To new possibilities, projects, and the next phase along our spiritual path.

New possibilities are just around the corner.

every day is a new beginning

The New Moon is all about planting new seeds, even in the dead of winter. Eventually the Spring will come, and with it glorious and beautiful blooms. This will be an excellent time for you to meditate and answer some questions. You may wish to pick a tarot card for added insight.

Some of the following questions are from Joanna Powell Colbert’s New Moon Spread

  1. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon to bring me into deeper personal wisdom?
  2. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in communication, thought, information, intention, meditation?
  3. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in passion, creativity, energy, sexuality, personal power?
  4. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in emotions, intuition, dreams, sensuality, compassion?
  5. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in stability, security, health, finances, manifestation?
  6. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my connection to Source, to the Universe, to the All that is?
  7. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my mind?
  8. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my body?
  9. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my spirit?
  10. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon to find balance and health?
  11. How can I best tend my inner heart’s garden?

Check in on your answers each week to see how this new moon energy will manifest during the month from New to Full Moon. Do a little journal-writing, even if it’s just notes, once a week. See how it blossoms at he full moon and releases its seeds for the next cycle during the waning moon, turning into compost at the dark.

If you don’t wish to pick tarot cards for each question, you may wish to use the imagery of the card at the beginning of this post.

gaian wheel big

The Wheel of the Year is all about realizing that things eventually end, which brings about a new beginning.

“The Wheel of the Year turns and spins, as one season transforms into the next. In this card, the fiery core of the Earth is at the still point of the turning world. Trees of each season are rooted in Her body. Around the trees we see the eight phases of the moon, which correspond to the eight holy days of the solar year. The zodiac is aligned with the seasons and the lunar phases. For example, the Dark/New Moon corresponds to Winter Solstice, the shortest night of the year when the sun begins to wax again. Winter Solstice occurs when the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. So these three — Dark/New Moon, Winter Tree and sign of Capricorn — all line up on the card, and so on around the Wheel.

The cycles of nature teach us that all of life moves in a wheel. Wherever we stand on this wheel, we are certain to move to the next point and the one after that, until we are brought full circle to the place where we started, and as T.S. Eliot wrote, we “know the place for the first time.

Outside the wheel of the solar year, the lunar month and the wheel of the zodiac, we see a circle of prayer beads. This rosary, or mala, is divided into six sets of nine (the magical number of three times three). As we say or sing repetitive prayers, counting beads as we go, we enter an altered state where anything is possible, magic happens, and butterflies — symbol of the soul — break free of the turning of the wheel.” -Joanna Powell Colbert

If this resonates with you, then perhaps using a mala or rosary during our Reiki meditation will be a benefit to you.

I am sure you can see the irony of what this card represents as we enter a whole new year, with untold changes. Changes of personal natures, as well as natural cycles of changes with the seasons until we are back where we begin now, to another New year. Another chance for a new beginning.

We all know that change is immanent. What is passing away in your life right now, and what is coming into being as we enter this New Year? Where do you stand right now on the Wheel? Can you see that what is happening does not happen in isolation, but is part of a pattern? Sometimes the change that is coming is obvious and striking. More often, it creeps up on us – the trees are suddenly bare and we don’t even notice when the first leaves began to fall. So the Wheel challenges us to be mindful. Keep track of the cycles of the sun and moon, which mirror our own inner cycles. If things seem chaotic and disorderly in your life, center yourself on the still point of the turning wheel. Constant change is the nature of all that is. When you’re centered, you will find that you can trust the turning cycles of change.

We all have setbacks, and sometimes even recurring problems. Sometimes things may seem stagnant. Sometimes things may seem turbulent and too fast paced. Only you can dictate and walk your footsteps. Follow and trust your heart, it will lead you where to go.

Some other good New Moon questions the Wheel asks you to ask your Self:

  • What is changing my life?
  • How am I responding to that change?
  • Am I resisting change and clinging to what is familiar?
  • In my current project, relationship, or other life cycle – what phase am I in?
  • How do I stay centered in the midst of change?
  • Do I have a spiritual practice that helps me navigate the turning of the wheel?
  • Do I have a physical practice that helps me navigate the turning of the wheel?
  • Do I have a sexual practice that helps me navigate the turning of the wheel?
  • Do I have a environmental practice that helps me navigate the turning of the wheel?
  • Do I have an emotional practice that helps me navigate the turning of the wheel?
  • Do I have a mental practice that helps me navigate the turning of the wheel?
  • What are my beliefs around destiny and fate?
  • What can I control in my present situation, and what is beyond my control?
  • What kind of healing does the Wheel offer me?
  • What kind of healing can I offer the Earth through the example of the Wheel?

There is nothing wrong with fearing change. With fear comes strength, and if transmuted becomes great courage. With every new beginning, with every new cycle of the sun, moon, or fiscal year, there are things that ultimately must be let go and discarded and hopefully composted for future growth. Just because something may be done and over with, does not mean that life ceases to exist. We carry on. We live on. We breathe on. Our hearts continue to beat even if they seem broken. Our bodies still move even if they are stiff. Our spirits still soar in our dreams.

new year

The new moon offers us a great gift: transformation.

What will transform in your life this new moon? Take the time. Visualize your future the way you want it to be, and take the necessary steps towards greater health of mind, body, and spirit.

And with that, let us share with you our next intention, blessing, prayer (whatever you want to call it).

Feel free to print it out or write it down and repeat it to yourself before bed the night of the meditation.

“Thank-you for sending Reiki energy for the greatest good of everyone gathered for this healing.
Thank-you for sending Reiki energy for the greatest good of the Earth for this healing.

May I receive the necessary healing I need for a harmonious mind, body, and spirit.
May I continue to tend hope in my heart.
May I continue to see the beautiful potential for happiness all around me.
May I seed this new moon energy for … (fill in the blank with your personal request)
May the seeds that I plant tonight be tended by the Universe.
May I overflow with love, with light, and with peace.
May I set my vision upon the stars.
May I set my vision upon a new year filled with bliss.
May I take better care of my Self and my Loved ones with this New Wheel’s turn.
May I have the strength to confront my traumas and overcome my dis-ease.
As the moon grows, may my body’s health improve as the moon brightens and brightens.
As the moon grows, may my mind draw upon the peaceful sanctuary of this season, as the moon brightens and brightens.
As the moon grows, may my soul be nurtured with self-love and self-acceptance, as the moon brightens and brightens.
As I travel through the land of Winter’s beginning, may I relate my journey to the wisdom of this season.
Namaste. We are all one. By healing myself I can help to heal others.”

Just allow the energy to flow for a few minutes until it seems like you have met your mark. Bathe yourself in sweet starlight as you drift away to sleep.

If you wish, get comfortable, light some candles/incense, put your choice of music on, and meditate with me. Or, if you will already be in bed asleep, which is a great state of mind to be in when receiving healing, print out and say the intention above. Or you could even say one of your own making.

with each sunrise

The following may be done to your own discretion prior to your distanced Reiki session:
1. Shower, take a sacred bath, or simply wash your face and hands.
2. Dress in comfortable clothing. (This means pajamas for me!)
3. Select your choice of peaceful music that will span for about an hour, or however long you wish.
4. Create sacred space: However feels right to you but the easiest way is to clean an area from clutter and arrange simply items with intent and purpose, such as the following if you so choose:
-a bowl of water;
-a flower, other green thing in a vase or simply fresh black earth in a dish from your yard;
-incense/essential oils/smudge stick in a fire proof container, and
-a candle on or around the area for meditation. If you feel uncomfortable with candles, a space heater, fireplace fire, or simply sitting in sunshine can be substituted. (Be sure however that the candle will not be knocked over by animals nor will its drippings melt all over cherished items)
-You may even wish to pick a Tarot card or other item to focus your inner imagery during the session.
5. Make yourself a light snack of wholesome whole foods, tea and fresh chilled water. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are best. Waters can be chilled with a slice of lemon or other fruit that has been slightly macerated and left in a pitcher in the fridge. Herbal tea is also good to have on hand. Chamomile would be perfect for just before bed and preparing a healthy breakfast in the morning will start off your New day right!
6. Make sure you explain to your house guests/friends/family that you will need to be left alone for the duration of your session.
7. Silence your cellphones and land-lines.
8. Ensure animals are kept in an area where they won’t be able to disturb you unless they are familiar with a mediation practice, in which case they may choose to join you.
To begin your session:
1. Place a drop of water/essential oil on your third eye chakra, your heart, and your tail bone. Light the candle, incense/essential oil/smudge stick, and smell the flower or green thing. You may rub it between your fingers if you wish to really smell these earthy grounding essences.
2. Sit in lotus position or “Indian-style,” lay down, or simply find a comfortable chair to relax in. (Possibly in view of the Full Moon if you are lucky. If not, simply visualize the moon in all her glory.)
3. Push the “play” button on your music media.
4. Close your eyes
5. Let your journey begin.
During your distanced Reiki session:
1. Be aware of any twitches or spasms of movement in your body. This is often a sign of release in an area.
2. Be aware of heat, which is the classic and typical feeling in a Reiki session.
3. Be aware of colours that you may see. If there is a colour you see predominately, this could be a sign that you need more of this colour/energy in your life to balance out your chakra of the corresponding colour.
4. Be aware of past memories, or dreams that may surface during the session.
5. Be aware of deep emotions experienced during the session. These could be of joy and euphoria; or of pain, anger, and sadness. All of which are valuable to your healing.
After your Reiki session:
1. Eat and drink plenty of water for the next few days. Often Reiki manifests with similar symptoms associated with detox, and plenty of water is important to flush away those toxins.
2. Sleep and or rest to the best of your ability. 8+ hours a night is recommended.
3. Record and document any odd or exhilarating dreams. These are also detox-like symptoms.
4. Follow-up & share your impressions of the session. My contact information is above if you would like to privately send me your answers, questions, or impressions. (However, you may wish to comment on this post). :-)
Questions after your Reiki session:
1. Were there any problems or questions during the session?
2. What were your experiences during the session?
3. What did you feel after the session?
4. Did the Reiki healing help you with your complaint?
5. Any other observations?
I am also obligated by law to make you aware of the following:
Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki does not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have. Reiki can complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving. The body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete relaxation is often beneficial. Long term imbalances in the body sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed by the body to heal itself.

By inviting happiness into ourselves, we invite it into others.
Namaste, my friends.
Happy New Year!!

Photography courtesy of New Year


Happy Kwanzaa!


Happy Kwanzaa friends! The holiday season continues. Might we take a moment and ponder some principles as an interconnected collective of Gaian beings regardless of race or heritage?

Unity: To strive for unity amongst [our diverse] families, communities, nations, [genders, sexualities, cultures, ages, languages, faiths,] and races.

Self-Determination: To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves [for a better world as a collective whole for peace & balanced health].

Collective Work and Responsibility: To build and maintain our [planet’s delicate ecosystems and communities] and make our brothers’ and sisters’ problems our problems, and to solve them together.

Cooperative Economics: To build and maintain our own [local] stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together [as a community that fostures communal cooperation].

Purpose: To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our communities in order to restore our [planet’s ecosystems: airs, waters and lands] to their traditional greatness.

Creativity: To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

Faith: To believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, [our friends, our lovers, our intentions, our foresight, our talents, our honour, our integrity]and the righteousness and victory of our struggle [towards a world that embraces diversity and peace on Earth.]

Namaste my friends…we are the light from all over the world.

When Santa Was a Woman


And so, all of the town was waiting
for Saint Nick.
Will she come to your home, I wonder,
is your soul sick?

Make your holiday wishes and
hope with all your might,
for she will grant you your one heart’s wish
this Christmas night.

Santa comes to everyone,
young and old,
all who have kindness and love
in their aura of gold.

Is spirit in you now and always,
is it so hard to conceive? 
I hope so, I hope so
on this night of Christmas Eve.

Are you feeling the Winter?


It is Midwinter here in Albany, fog and snow are covering the backyard. Yet today, we are experiencing a warm front of rain and the snow is sadly melting. To the north traveler’s tires are spinning on roads covered in slush. Windshield wipers are freezing stuck. Roads are being closed, and the woods are decorated in icicles.

Birds and squirrels are fat with the help of nature enthusiasts as they supplement their winter stores of nuts and seeds. All around, people are preparing for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the New Year. They are frantic if they have put off some things, and others sink deeply with a smile as they have been finished for weeks.

Holiday spirit fills our hearts as we make preparations to share it with friends and family over the next month. Some take on nostalgic moments of Holidays past, others excite over sharing in the Holiday present, and still others hope for the next year in order to share it with a partner.

Are you feeling the Winter?

“Are you feeling more emotional these days? Winters are like that, a more inward and sensitive time. Nature is in her resting season, quiet, withdrawn, deep in the earth and the roots, preparing for Spring. You also may be deeper within yourself, seeking replenishment, resting, reflecting, and being more aware of your senses. As the winter climates of cold and wet (snow, rain, or fog) chill you to your bones, seek inner warmth and spend more time at home with family and friends.”

December 21st was the date of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and longest night. Now, each day will grow longer, however small, and the nights will shorten however little. We are in the deep stretch now, especially if you grew up where I did in the upper Adirondacks of New York State. Now begins a time to stay active so the cold doesn’t freeze you in place, and so your energy stays warm and moving.

It is also an excellent time to hibernate. To relish in sleep, rest, and siesta! Now is the time to get plenty of relaxation and to make sure you are eating nutritious, wholesome food. Most of all, now is the time to really pay attention to your dreams.

Replenish your complete health this winter season by taping into your inner Water element (Winter is related to the element of water in the Chinese Five Element system).

Water is in the air, on and within the earth, and constitutes a majour part of all living matter. This fluid is very adaptable, taking the shape of its container and changing form with cold and heat. It supports your being, both as a drink and when carrying you on a boat, a raft, or when swimming. Water is the essential medium of your body, through which all things pass. This fluid of life is important for functions like the circulation of blood, which carries heat and nourishment throughout the body; the lymphatic flow, which helps to process and eliminate wastes and provides your ability to fight off infections and other foreign agents; and for the flow of urine, saliva, perspiration, tears, and sexual fluids. Water can be warm and loving, and cold and frightening. It is nourishing, refreshing, and invigorating.

By looking at the element of Water, you can see the analogy between the human body and the planet Earth.

We both consist of 70-80 percent water. In fact, seawater is almost identical to blood plasma. Water is the circulatory system of the Earth. Clouds, mountain snow, lakes, rivers, streams, and the oceans are all part of this water circulation.

Water can related to the emotions in general, but the specific emotional imbalance associated with Water energy is fear. This may be manifest as specific phobias; as a general anxiety about life; or as paranoia or negativity, in which one always expects the worst. Fear can be either a cause or a consequence of a Water imbalance. An illness affecting the bladder or kidneys may generate a fearful feeling; and fear can itself injure these organs, according to the Chinese system. During excitement or in change, one who has a Water imbalance may respond by trembling. This trembling represents a release of fearful energy and tensions. And although fear may block the expression of live, love and faith can transmute fear.

Water must stay in motion; it has rhythm, a cycle which is primarily ruled by the movement and gravitational pull of the moon. The daily expansions and contractions of the oceans in the tides is like the breathing cycle of the Earth. We too have our cycles. Many of us have cycles in which held-in emotions are released, like the winter rains. Then, with the new awareness and expression of those feelings comes a real lightening up of our energy. Water, sometimes held in the body along with the emotions, can cause lethargy and slowness, irritability, and an inability to express ourselves. From the Chinese viewpoint, people with deficient Water energy may find it difficult to slow down, relax or rest, with an inability to reflect clearly. A balanced Water element allows fluidity and flow, an ability to rest and nourish oneself and others, to guide perception and reflection , and have a ready expression of feelings such as love.

These qualities of compassion, understanding, and responsiveness to needs and feelings of others are often seen as the “maternal” and “feminine” aspect of ourselves, and are also characteristics of the Water element. However, we now know that placing one gender as a descriptive role for a set of characteristics is not only ignorant, but exclusive towards other genders that exist. Remember, gender is a human concept, and there are most certainly more than just two. Energy ebbs and flows, moves up and down, but giving these energies gender seems to only perpetuate gender-bias and imbalance. We must break free from these bonds that keep us chained to only a specific “set-way” of standards, and create our own based on our own unique and beautiful personalities. In Winter, we can take the time to really ask ourselves about our ups and downs, our highs and lows, our introvert-ness and our extrovert-ness. By feeling our own inner Winter and embracing this quiet time for ourselves, we will learn untold mysteries about who we are and why we are? By feeling our own inner Winter, we gain a sense of value, purpose, and warmth. By feeling our Winter we regain our complete health.

The Winter Diet

Here in up-state New York, the farmer’s markets are gone; the gardens are barren; but the supply for in-season foods is abundant. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not as easily available as they were for us, but you may be fortunate to live in the tropics where the growing season is all year around.

As you move into winter, you need to adjust your diet once again. The weather is colder, so a diet that produces more heat is necessary. Days are shorter and you tend to have less physical activity, thereby burning fewer calories than you might during the more active summer. Don’t increase your food intake too much or you may gain more weight than you wish. A diet which is mainly carbohydrates and protein will produce the heat you need and perhaps give you a few added pounds, but with even moderate activity, you should stay in pretty good shape until spring comes and you can once again cleanse and lighten up.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Vegetables can still be eaten daily, some as salad and some cooked by steam or baked. Fried and sauteed foods fit more with the winter diet, but don’t go overboard, too much heated oil is bad for the liver.
  • Soups! Root vegetables like carrots, turnips, onions, horseradish, garlic, ginger and potatoes are excellent because they last long through the winter season.
  • Adding cayenne pepper adds heat to your meals and warms the bones. Other hot peppers work wonders as well!
  • Whole grains make an excellent staple. Complex carbs burn well in the body as fuel and are great for elimination. Millet and buckwheat are good heaters and are less starchy.
  • Cook grains with beans will make a complete protein.
  • Nuts and nut milks are nutritious as well as add healthy fats to your diet.
  • Deep-sea fish like halibut and swordfish from non-polluted areas are low in fat with high protein, minerals and vitamins.
  • Organic Chicken and occasional red meats without added hormones or chemicals will stimulate and brighten the blood, heart, and complexion.
  • Sushi! Seaweeds  like kelp, dulse, nori, and hijiki are high-protein vegetables, high in Vit. E and A, and are rich with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, iodine, and other minerals. They stimulate and strengthen the skin, hair and nails as well as the endocrine, thyroid and adrenal glands. Not to mention they help with radiation poisoning.
  • Soybeans, tofu, and miso are great for vegetarians because they are high-protein, assist with digestion and the metabolism. But remember, it is still best to obtain your protein from a variety of sources. Not just meat, and not only soy. Also, miso also helps to treat arthritis, colitis, diabetes, and hypoglycemia.


Staying Healthy With the Seasons by Dr. Elson M. Haas, M.D. 21st 2003 Century Edition 

Photography courtesy of Nora from Photoity.com

eCourse: Holistic Intuition

gaian 17-star big wildwood 17 pole star fantastic menagerie 17 star

“To manifest our desires we need to listen more clearly to that loving voice within us. It is a spoken intelligence of our heart and soul. Everyone has it. The inner wisdom that goes beyond our senses,  to the very essence of Source and possibility. It always knows where to guide us, if only we pay attention, listen and go with it. When we align our calm, determined, open-hearted focus with that Source, the Source of all things, Source energy, we begin to make decisions from a place of stillness and divine design. So, open up, get still, and listen to your own emotional GPS.” – Oprah Winfrey


That amazing ability we all possess, yet so seldom listen to with any thread of truth.

We tend to rationalize, everything, in our society. Growing up means giving up our childish enthusiasms, trading our colourful wardrobes for starch-pressed suites and dresses. Where “appropriate” mores and rules are “perfect, shrewd, and life-less.”

If you have found this post, and the words above have resonated with you, I ask you to truly begin your journey with listening to your intuition where true happiness lives.

We cannot allow ourselves to further perpetuate the “appropriate adult world” for intuition lives in the land of innocence of childhood.

If you were someone who was forced to grow up quick, taking care of your family instead of the other way around, your inner child may be starving for attention. If you fortunate to have a fruitful childhood filled with adventure and the land of “make-believe” then you will more familiar with this sort of thing, you simply may have just forgotten about how to get there.

Don’t worry.

Things happen.

We grow. We change. We evolve.

But in which direction is up to you. The realm of intuition is not linear, as Deepak Chopra says, “intuition is contextual, relational, and holistic. It is an attribute of our soul and does not have a win-lose orientation.” Which was just where our hearts and minds were as children before the “real-world” affronted us with cold, harsh, cynicism, and disbelief.

Ever since we were children we have been taught that we do not have the answers. But we do.

We possess the answers to the universe’s biggest questions. And if we listen, if we listen to our intuition, we will be able to learn from ourselves: the source of untold wisdom and insight.

And how might we do this? How can we tap into this Intuitive world, this inner knowing more easily?

There are several ways.

  1. We must remember our innocence. We must remember the naive spiral dance of youth. Where we received and shared nurture. When we were completely in touch with our bodies and we believed in ourselves and in everything. Every weird, crazy, and fantastical possibility. What were some of your favourite activities as a child?
  2. We must let go and accept our fears. There is beauty all around us and there is beauty in life’s natural processes. We all have fears. Fear of how we may be perceived. Fear about what will happen. What might have been. We must grieve when we are afraid if need be. And above all cannot rush or deny all of the feelings associated with our fear. Once we accept these fears, we can then release them because we will come to realize that they no longer serve our lives, nor our minds, nor our hearts. What are you most afraid of?
  3. We must listen for inspiration from the quietest sound of all: our own inner voice. This is our intuition after all. It speaks to us in different ways, but it always is speaking either with words, images, or emotive feelings. Do this by taking time everyday, even if it is only for five minutes, to sit with your intuition. Sit in silence. Slowdown. Go for a walk. And be open to its advice. We may not always like what we hear, but we must learn again to trust ourselves. When you do this, what do you hear?
  4. We must connect to our wildness. Wildness is essential to intuition because intuition comes from a place of no inhibition. It is raw, the place we derive our instincts, sensuality, and passion. From this wildness comes a new belief in ourselves. Where we can face our fears, embrace our sexuality, and reconnect with our bodies. By bridging our wildness with our reason, our left and right hemispheres of the brain, we discover the vesica piscis, where intuition is born. Truest truth can be better understand and believed when it is both linear and holistic at the same time. Why not try to connect to your wildness in the greatest wildness of all: the wilderness of nature?
  5. We must dance our dance and express ourselves fully and openly.  When we embrace our deepest inner truths we will be able to see truth, hear truth, and experience truth. If you must dance alone, go ahead, but still get up and dance! With this passionate expression of Self, we will be able to unlock those hidden talents within us, which connects us to our intuitive abilities. The ways in which Source speaks to us is through our innate talents and gifts. Everyone has talent and gifts. Let go of self-doubt. Let your talents shine! If you don’t think you do as an adult, what were some things you were very good at as a child?
  6. We must combine our opposites to open our third-eye. A key to living a happy life filled with a connection to your intuition depends upon your ability to not only accept your fears, but all of the diverse personalities and quirks that make up who you are. This means both the light, goody-goody things about you; and the dark, not too goody-goody things. Your whole life is a work of art, but things only get worse when there is a failure  to come to terms with difficult nitty-grittiness. Embrace all that you are. What are some things you have done lately that you don’t particularly like?
  7. We must listen to our intuitions when then come calling. Intuition comes and goes, but when it comes we would do well to listen to it and follow its instruction. Remember that whole trusting your Self thing? We must because intuition unheeded only makes us more angry and sorrowful. True intuition comes from a place of pride, not from a sense of guilt.  Is there something your intuition has been trying to tell you lately, but you havn’t been listening?
  8. We must find an outlet. Finding an outlet for our intuition helps to allow it flow more frequently and freely. Whether its writing your impressions down in a journal, painting, writing a song, or using a divination tool such as tarot, or runes these will allow you to put some structure to sometimes the “unstructured” nature of our intuition.
  9. We must have fun and live from a place of love. Having fun with our intuition only strengthens it. This does not mean we are always right, but it creates an environment that nurtures our intuitive expression as well as our own Self expression. Having fun connects us with our inner child, our sexuality, our creativity, and our bodies. When we can have fun, and even poke fun at ourselves, we can taste the richness of our inner fruitfulness, our inner Oracle. Fun feeds connection and fun feeds love, the Source of our intuition, from our hearts. When we live from a place of joyful love, we connect to our highest health and our intuitive abilities seem to only flourish and grow exponentially. What can you do, today, to have more fun? What can you do, today, to share your love with others? What can you do, today, to love your Self?

So, what is intuition?

What does it mean to be intuitive? 

Intuition can be defined in so many different ways, but universally to be intuitive means that you have this uncanny ability to just know what is right for you.

Some people like to shy away from the “psychic” label. I myself prefer “intuitive.”

Abilities range like I said above. Some people are Mental Intuitives. Thinkers. More logical people who need proof to believe, who are less connected to their hearts or feelings, yet seek to understand. These people tend to be clairvoyant, which means “clear-vision” or clairaudient (clear-hearing). People like this tend to be blessed with precogition (knowing/seeing past events), premonition (knowing/seeing future events), and the perception of present events happening in real-time. They may be visions, or flashes while awake doing nothing at all, in meditation or asleep in your dreams.  These people may also be have the ability to read auras or energy fields. Those who are clairaudient, tend to do well with automatic writing, which helps to bring sense to the voices or songs that may come from Spirit Guides.

Some people are Emotional Intuitives. Empaths. More emotional people who do not need proof to believe all the time, who are more connected to their hearts and feelings. These people tend to be claircognizant (clear-knowing), clairsentient (clear-touching/feeling), and are typically healers drawn to the healthcare field. (Nurses, Doctors, CNAs, DSPs, Massage Therapists, Energy workers or Reiki Practitioners.) People who are clairsentient, may be adapt at Psychometry, which is the ability to use touch to gain information about an object being held.

To have holistic intuition is to embrace both kinds: Mental and Emotional, and giving equal importance and training in all four “clairs.”

There has been heavy misinformation out there that intuitive people are either insane schizophrenics, or are special saint-like people.

Everyone has an intuitive ability, and everyone experiences it one time or another. Sometimes it is that gut-feeling in the pit of your stomach, or your hair standing on end and a feeling like something is wrong. Sometimes it is goose-flesh when you hear or see something that resonates with your inner spirit, or when something just feels “right.”

Sometimes though, things get blocked, for whatever reason. It could be an energy imbalance, toxins or pollutions that have negatively affected your abilities. It could be fatigue, stress, and ill-ness which can be seen as a manifestation of a block. Philosophy aside there are ways to unblock yourself, which were described above.

Other “quick-fixers” are simple.

  1. Tender Loving Care. We all need some R&R from time to time. Recharge your Self. Treat your Self. Indulge in your Self. Take frequent naps. Get plenty of sleep.  I am a HUGE fan of siestas. Take a mini vacation or go all the way. The choice is yours, but either way afterwards you will be right as rain. Just be sure to return to “normal” life slowly. Don’t go in guns blazing when you get back, because this is just counter productive. Getting out in nature, gifting yourself a massage, or simply running yourself a bath does wonders!
  2. Nutrition and Mild-Exercise.  Eating a healthy diet well balanced with whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and proteins will give you a much needed boost. You are after all what you eat. So eat to your health and drink to your health. Detoxifing your body and behavior will get you back on track. Drinking plenty of fresh filtered water will do your system wonders!

All in all, I hope this mini eCourse helps you along your path. If you have questions feel free to comment below or contact me privately.

Many blessings and hugs. Namaste my intuitive friends.