“Like” to Join a FREE New Moon Reiki Tarot Meditation!


Monday night, we will be meditating for inner and outer harmony in our minds, bodies, and souls.

If you would like to participate, simply, “LIKE,” this post prior to 11pm EST on Monday 2nd December and I will add you to the pot. We will be using synchronized meditation as well as a Reiki box for those far and wide.

With this cycle I wanted to add a bit of imagery as well. And what better instrument of imagery than the tarot?

I will also again be sending much needed energy to our brothers and sisters around the world who have suffered and continue to suffer at great length. If you have any special requests for any loved ones, please also feel free to comment, but you can do this yourself by focusing on them while you participate. Regardless if you can or can’t, I will be sending to who ever asks for the gift of blessings. No one will be turned away.

I would also entertain any prayers or blessings for the Earth and her healing at this time as well. 

We are walking our Winter journeys as we look towards a new year.

As we prepare to meditate Monday night under a sky filled with stars, let us set the intention to gently acknowledge and release to spirit all thoughts and feelings about our perceived challenges and adversities that do not serve us.

And let’s fill our Selves with infinite love, light, and joy.

As we step into this acceptance and find our resilience, we open to prosperity and our infinite potential.

And isn’t that the truest truth my friends? Thoughts are incredible powerful things. By shifting our thoughts and perceptions, we can open ourselves up to what is really happening. To new possibilities, projects, and the next phase along our spiritual path.

New possibilities are just around the corner.

every day is a new beginning

The New Moon is all about planting new seeds, even in the dead of winter. Eventually the Spring will come, and with it glorious and beautiful blooms. This will be an excellent time for you to meditate and answer some questions. You may wish to pick a tarot card for added insight.

Some of the following questions are from Joanna Powell Colbert’s New Moon Spread

  1. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon to bring me into deeper personal wisdom?
  2. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in communication, thought, information, intention, meditation?
  3. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in passion, creativity, energy, sexuality, personal power?
  4. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in emotions, intuition, dreams, sensuality, compassion?
  5. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in stability, security, health, finances, manifestation?
  6. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my connection to Source, to the Universe, to the All that is?
  7. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my mind?
  8. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my body?
  9. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon in my spirit?
  10. How can I best seed the energy of this new moon to find balance and health?
  11. How can I best tend my inner heart’s garden?

Check in on your answers each week to see how this new moon energy will manifest during the month. Do a little journal-writing, even if it’s just notes, once a week. See how it blossoms at he full moon and releases its seeds for the next cycle during the waning moon, turning into compost at the dark.

If you don’t wish to pick tarot cards for each question, you may wish to use the imagery of the card at the beginning of this post.

The Eight of Fire is all about taking action and a challenge of transmuting vision into reality.

“Meteors with trails like sparkling diamonds streak swiftly towards the earth. Meteor showers are spectacular sights that fill our hearts with awe and wonder. The ancients believed they were portents of great change, for good or ill. Stay open to inspiration, because it could be flying past us without us even realizing it. When inspiration strikes, act quickly before it fades away! Let the meteor showers inspire you to burn brightly and move swiftly, as you take action towards making your visions a reality. You may be set in your ways and resist change, and may even panic in the face of too much change. Perhaps you are rushing others, and may have forgotten to look and listen for inspiration.” -Joanna Powell Colbert

If this resonates with you, then perhaps connecting with the energies of the new moon is just what you need!

There is nothing wrong with fearing change. With fear comes strength, and if transmuted becomes great courage. With every new beginning, with every new cycle of the sun, moon, or fiscal year, there are things that ultimately must be let go and discarded and hopefully composted for future growth. Just because something may be done and over with, does not mean that life ceases to exist. We carry on. We live on. We breathe on. Our hearts continue to beat even if they seem broken. Our bodies still move even if they are stiff. Our spirits still soar in our dreams.

every day is a new beginning stay away

The new moon offers us a great gift: transformation.

What will transform in your life this new moon? Take the time. Visualize your future the way you want it to be, and take the necessary steps towards greater health of mind, body, and spirit.

And with that, let us share with you our next intention, blessing, prayer (whatever you want to call it).

Feel free to print it out or write it down and repeat it to yourself before bed on Monday night.
All pronouns will be changed from a personal “I” to a collective “we” when I say it for all of you aloud Monday:

“Thank-you for sending Reiki energy for the greatest good of everyone gathered for this healing.
Thank-you for sending Reiki energy for the greatest good of the Earth for this healing.

May I receive the necessary healing I need for a harmonious mind, body, and spirit.
May I continue to tend hope in my heart.
May I continue to see the beautiful potential for happiness all around me.
May I seed this new moon energy for … (fill in the blank with your personal request)
May the seeds that I plant tonight be tended by the Universe.
May I overflow with love, with light, and with peace.
May I set my vision upon the stars.
As the moon waxes, may my body’s health improve as the moon brightens and brightens.
As the moon waxes, may my mind draw upon the peaceful sanctuary of this season, as the moon brightens and brightens.
As the moon waxes, may my soul be nurtured with self-love and self-acceptance, as the moon brightens and brightens.
As I travel through the land of Winter’s beginning, may I relate my journey to the wisdom of this season.
Namaste. We are all one. By healing myself I can help to heal others.”

Just allow the energy to flow for a few minutes until it seems like you have met your mark. Bathe yourself in sweet moon beams as you drift away to sleep.

If you wish, get comfortable, light some candles/incense, put your choice of music on, and meditate with me.Or, if you wil already be in bed asleep, which is a great state of mind to be in when receiving healing, print out and say the intention above. Or you could even say one of your own making.

I am really very excited about this, and I welcome who ever is interested!

Let’s take some time for ourselves, and meditate together. (Just be sure to correlate with your time zone.)

If you run late by accident, don’t feel guilty. You can enter at any time and leave at any time.

The key is to allow yourself the time to heal. You may even wish to stay longer than the 30 minutes.

I will be gifting the Reiki for approximately 1 hour.

A new beginning begins with the changes we make for our greater health.
What will you plant with the moon?
Happy holidays.
Happy New Moon.
We are all one.

Photos courtesy of Joanna Powell Colbert, Visual Sayings, and Tumblr


4 thoughts on ““Like” to Join a FREE New Moon Reiki Tarot Meditation!

  1. Hi Derek! This may be a bit odd, but I’m lead to offer my help. Might I join you in gifting the Reiki? If it makes any difference I am an Usie & Karuna-Ki Reiki Master, but the energy always comes from the heart. 🙂
    I understand if this does not sit well with you. Perhaps this is just my prompt to offer the same for others on my own blog 🙂
    Love, Lehua

    1. Lehua, I can not thank you enough for volunteering! I would love to have you in on this, absolutely! I am an Usui practitioner, but like you said the energy comes from the same place. 🙂 I am so blessed and would be so blessed for you to join in and share with as many of your friends and clients as you like too! Feel free to copy and paste whatever you like. Just be sure to leave me a link to yours if you will be posting so I know who to add to the pot. I am super thrilled! Have a wonderful week’s end and see you in spirit on Monday night!

  2. Reblogged this on aMusing Spirit and commented:
    I’ve been pondering for a while now how to offer my gifts so that I might be of service to others. Then this opportunity landed in my inbox. Derek has wonderfully allowed me to work with him by gifting an hour of Reiki on Monday night! If you’re interested, please visit his blog to sign-up. 🙂

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