Giving Thanks Meditation

Words cannot capture my deep deep gratitude to all who have impacted my life, my heart, and my soul over the past year and beyond.

For all of my spiritual teachers, especially Joanna Powell Colbert whose love and teachings have made me who I am today.

For all of my clients who have helped to create a blossoming business come to reality.

For all of you here, on WordPress, reading this. I am so thankful for the community we have created!

To my friends who have been my guardians, soul brothers & sisters, and keepers of the flame.

A huge hug to you all, especially Kristen and Therese, without whom my tea cup would always seem empty.

And lastly, to my sister Michaela who has always been my best friend, personal cheerleader, and partner in crime.

I am so blessed, and I love you all.

So, as you sit here listening to this song, what places, people, and things are you most thankful for?

Good night and sweet sweet dreams…


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