Connecting to Elementals: “King” of the Earth Spirits Meditation

earth elemental image1

We all know that there exists an incredible connection we have with Earth spirits.

Through Myth and Faerie Tales, we share a history that goes beyond fantasy and extends into this so-called reality. Our connection goes even deeper, down to a cellular level. There is a physical interaction that connects us to this planet we call home. 

We connect physically when we place our hands on a tree. We connect by walking into the woods for a hike, or find an ancient stone structure, be that a glacial boulder or crystal cave. We even connect to this earth energy by simply holding a crystal in your hand, or walking barefooted through the grass.

We connect mentally when we begin to read and talk about the myths of the past. By doing so, we can create our own myths in the present, and relate them to our present day and modern society.

Today, I will discuss how to experience this type of energy spiritually through a direct conversation and guided imagery. 

In his book, “Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals,” Ted Andrews details these three ways.

By directly seeking these energies out, conversating with them, learning from them, and applying their teachings to our lives, we will be able to get a better sense of this type of earthy energy.

You will also be able to relate it to that of your own experience.

Because after all, the only way to actually experience the Earth Elemental energies is to experience them for yourself in a safe and healing way.

So without further ado, here is the third exercise in befriending earth elementals.

earth elementals2

Exercise Three: Meeting the “King” of the Gnomes

  1. Begin this meditation by finding a time and a place in which you will not be disturbed. This meditation is most effective when performed outdoors around things of the earth- grass, rocks, trees- in a place where you can plant your feet in the mud or be able to feel the grass with your hands is most effective.fertilizer-buying-guide_17490_600x450
  2. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. You may wish to feel and smell the earth around you to help put you into deeper touch with it.
  3. Begin a slow, progressive relaxation. Start at the top of your head and begin directing warm, soothing energy to each part of your body, all the way down to your feet. Take your time with this. The more relaxed you are, the greater the effects of the meditation.
  4. 0000e38a_medium
  5. Now place your hands on the earth itself. Keep your eyes closed through this. Notice how it feels- its temperature, its texture, its solidness. Imagine that you can feel a slow, deep pulse rising up from the heart of the earth itself. Feel yourself connected solidly to the earth and to that inner pulse.oak tree2
  6. Breathe deeply and just relax, allowing the following images to form in your mind:
    You see yourself standing in the midst of a circle of ancient oak trees. Their massive branches and trunks dwarf you. Their bark is twisted and gnarled like the skin of some ancient, giant entity. The upper portions of the roots are exposed, but you know they must extend down into the heart of the earth itself.As you stand beneath them, looking up, they seem to extend forever. You are amazed that trees could be this large. It is as if they form a wall against everything in the outside world. It is as if this inner circle is appoint of separation. As you look about you at the giant trees, you are filled with wonder. If ever trees could house gnomes and elves, these surely could.mist

    The trees are so large that only diffused light enters into their midst. You don’t know whether it is day or night. It could be either. In this glen there see,s to be a perpetual “in-between” time. It is neither dusk nor dawn, and it never changes.
    It is then that you notice a soft mist rising from the ground. It almost tickles as it forms, and soon the grass and your feet are lost in it. You turn around slowly within this circle, observing the shifting mist as it cloaks the base of the trees. As you come back around, through the mist you see a face and figure form within the nearest tree.

    Green Man Tree 015

    Somehow you know that this must be Ghob, the “king” of the element of earth. You whisper [its] name and the mist responds by shifting and dancing, and the figure becomes more clearly defined within the tree.

    A second time you speak the name- this time alittle louder and with more confidence. The mist swirls around the base of that tree, and you begin to see the figure move.

    Yet a third time you use the name. You send it out strong and clear, and as you do, the mist parts and Ghob steps out from the tree itself.


    He is almost as tall as the average human, and he is dressed like the traditional gnome of folklore. He wears the colors of the earth, greens and browns, and upon his head is a cap. His hair and beard are long, and his features are dark and worn. His face Is lined and set, and his eyes study you intensely. He is not sure he should have answered your call.
    He notices your uncertainty, and his eyes twinkle, softening his stare- but only for an instant. Then his serious manner returns. He motions for you to sit. He assumes a position across from you. He extends his hand down, and it passes into the earth as if it were merley water. When he withdraws it, he has a handful of soil.

    “Every grain of sand and soil is like one of the millions of cells that make up your own body. All of the minerals found within the earth are also found within you. Thus, you are connected to it and it is connected to you. Anything that happens to it will return to you.”


    He closes his hand around the soil, and as he opens it, you see he has transformed it into a perfect diamond. It shimmers and shines, drawing your eyes to it. He holds it up before you, and as you gaze upon it, images begin to appear and disappear- a moving collage of the abuses of humans upon the earth.


    starving chlid vulture



    You see land stripped and left bare, eroding from too much mining and greed. You see farmland with soils depleted of minerals through chemicals and overuse. You see rare and precious plants and animals destroyed with little or no thought of long range repercussions for humanity. Then you see foodstuffs artificially fortified, because natural minerals are rare. You see the greater population anemic and starving. You see images of people dying because the plants that could have healed them are extinct. Your body aches in response to these images.


    Then Ghob closes [a] hand upon the diamond, and then reopens it, revealing the loose sand and soil. Again he closes [a] fist upon it, and as he opens it, there lies in his palm an exquisite emerald- rich, warm, and glowing. It radiates around you, and in your mind you begin to see new images.





    earth elemental image2


    earth elemental image3

    'Bhutan Monk honors stray dog' photo by Claus Nehmzow

    You see the life entities of every flower and plant. You see humans working and walking with these entities. You see flower faeries and tree elves. You see water spirits and forest devas. You see humans reverencing life in all its forms. You see those abused lands being restored. You see land that is rich and fertile and you see humans living in balance with it. And you notice that the aches you felt before have disappeared.

    You are connected to the earth, just as everything upon the earth is connected to you. What happens to one, happens to the other. Because we are all part of a greater whole, what happens to any one aspect happens to all. This is felt as stress and tension that is often ignored. But it is real. As one person learns to work with the natural world more fully and joyfully, this then influences the whole as well.

    earth elemental image4

    As you open to those of my kingdom, you clear the way and facilitate others doing so as well. As you develop relationships with those you call the elves and faeries, others will feel the effects. It will be subtle at first, and it may even be ignored. You will not have to convince them, for as you open to this realm- on some level of the subconscious- those around you will also know.”

    Ghob stands and motions for you to do likewise. Ghob closes a fist around the emerald, and with the free hand he takes yours and holds it palm up. He then opens his fist and drops into your palm a perfectly formed crystal ball. As you look at it, you see that it has the markings of the planet earth.

    crystal ball

    “This is a sign of my promise to work with you and to help open the earth and all of its mysteries to you. Do not be fooled by it though, for it carries great responsibility. If you accept it, it is your promise to do your part as well. If you are not yet ready or are not sure, simply leave it upon the ground at your feet when you leave. There it shall remain until you are ready.”

    Ghob steps back toward the tree out of which he emerged. This mist begins to rise up. It swirls softly and gently. He nods and for a moment you even see a gentle smile and then he is simply a form within the tree. This then fades, until you are standing in the circle of oaks holding the crystal planet.

    earth elemental image5

    You think about the responsibility and all that you can do, and you make your decision. As you do, the image of the glen within this ancient circle of oaks begins to fade and you find yourself back where you started- at the beginning of your meditation.

Photos courtesy of Travel Way of Life, Kevin Carter, Werner Vermaak, U.S. Forest Service, Southwestern Region, Kaibab National ForestBLMOregonKindurco, Crane Drivin Music, Rain Rain Go Away, Migh Krophone, Forest International, Buddha Brain, Farm Three, and Jordan Robin. 


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