This is Why I Love Synchronicity


It had just begun to snow in Albany, so I kept my rather large alpaca shawl wrapped around myself while eating out.

Someone asked, “Is your neck cold?” With a genuine look of curiosity.

I chuckled and said, “No, I just like the warm cozy feeling.” This was followed by a rather odd look.

I said, “Do I look ridiculous?” And they responded pointly, “Yes.” To which I replied, the above with a smile.

This is why I love synchronicity.

I have been studying much about people with similar dimensions of thinking and how, energetically speaking, we influence others in our web. This can be in the dream state, or in what’s considered “normal” reality. However, this can go even further. In our physical realities, manifesting in real time.

I have had this happen many times throughout the past year or so. Several of my teachers or influencial spiritual advisors will either think or post something of similar happening around the same time as me, and vice versa.

And here we are again.

Sweet syncronocity.

Isn’t it weird? Is it a coincidence?

Isn’t it marvelous? A true act of serendipity?

The biz mama Leonie is such an inspiration and if you havn’t heard of her yet, she is a must follow.

I am finding these little moments more and more it seems, when I am in complete doubt of myself and my surroundings; when I am sitting and over analyzing myself, every little word, tone or phrase; when I self criticize…

These moments remind me that YES! I AM indeed on the right path. They remind me and seem to say, “STOP! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. WHAT IS DONE IS DONE. YOU are right where you need to be. You are a marvelous being, whether you are ridiculous or no. You are you. SHINE YOUR CRAZY ASS OFF.”

I love these moments.

How about you? Do you find yourself in similar situations?


4 thoughts on “This is Why I Love Synchronicity

  1. And a part from the synchronicity, maybe you helped that person understand a little about self-care and the importance being yourself!

    I also love how you used the word ‘cozy’ to describe how you felt. That is a big word in my family. We use it to describe how it feels to be together. 🙂

  2. When I feel absolutely disconnected I play the alphabet game on the highway. Each car that passes the liscence plate receals my next letter, this is the reassure that someone is listening and I am where I am for a reason.

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