Desire & Destiny Day 11: Intentional Me

i make my reality

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”  —Rumi

Over the past several days, we have defined what we want in life, responded to our heart’s deepest dreams and desires, and opened to the many opportunities that arise in the present moment. Today, we will learn more about developing clear intentions for our lives.

We believe that attention energizes and intention transforms. We are the masters of our own lives, our realities, and the universe offers us what we ask of it. Therefore, as we place our attention on what it is that we want, we set our intentions to orchestrate everything in our lives to help us achieve our goals. As we become receptive in this way, the universe conspires to support our every step.

Our centering thought for today is:

“I create my reality.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Aham Brahmasmi.” I am the universe. I am absolute existence.


Before you enter your meditation, take a moment to set one intention for today. Perhaps you would like to share kindness during your travels, or maybe you would like to integrate peace or joy into your day. Take a moment to clearly identify this positive intention. As you close your eyes for meditation, let everything go. In this way, you plant your intentions in the womb of creation and allow the universe to orchestrate the details.


Our true purpose, our dharma, begins with setting an intention for our life’s journey. With intention, we create our reality.

So, with our intentions, our goals, our plans reflecting our true purpose our truest heart’s desire, we mold our lives.

Deepak tells us, “by deliberately increasing our intention on what we want accelerates the manifestation process. The key to creating the life you want and deserve is to be fully aware and fully present in your daily life. Know that every thought, every feeling, every belief, and every action is creating your reality. Stay awake and aware of your moment to moment choices and choose with intention. Then take the time to dream, seeing and feeling yourself joyfully experiencing this new reality you have intended.”

With great intentions we can map out our destinies. As long as we follow our hearts and walk our talks. 

This is essential to living a healthy holistic life.

So today, my intention is to help guide all of those who come my way as I go about my day. 

While I go to the laundry, to the grocery, to the movies.

I will reflect my dharma from my heart. 


I create my reality.
You can create your reality.
I am the universe. I am absolute existence.
You are the universe. You are absolute existence.



2 thoughts on “Desire & Destiny Day 11: Intentional Me

  1. Love this!
    & Your Pictures are Fabulous! I have yet to join Instagram… I almost just did so I could like your beautiful moments!! Thank for creating & sharing such beauty! xox

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