Transgender Day of Remembrance


Today is a day to remember our beloved transgendered friends, lovers, and family. 

It truly saddens my soul to think that there still exist bigotry and hate crimes in this world.

As we as a species continue to evolve more spiritually and more open-hearted, it seems that the opposite must still exist in one form or another.

It is something that I struggle with constantly, this concept of duality.

Why can’t we just live utopianistically, holistically, and lovingly?

I struggle with this every day when I hear about a new murder taking place.

When I find out about yet another rape.

When I discover that hundreds if not thousands of transgender human beings have been murdered since the 1970s. Murders due to ignorance, and close-mindedness. Murders due to self-hatred and confusion on behalf of the perpetrator. When will we as a society be able to allow our children to express themselves? When will we come to realize that hatred and ignorance only breeds more hatred and ignorance. It is true, society and the community that we surround our children with will make them into the adults that they will become. Do you want yours to become a murderer? A rapist? Someone with hate in their heart?

Below is only a short list of documented hate crimes, and murders. Who knows how many others were excluded or not even discovered. 

This troubles me. It should trouble you as well.

Until the last murder is done away with. Until our societies stop creating monsters perpetuating the madness. 

Here I will list the current list from

May we remember our beloved who have been taken away from us. May their beautiful spirits find peace. May they know that they WERE loved dearly. May we find justice. Namaste, dear sweet ones.


List of Those We Have Lost in 2013

Name age cause of death location date

One thought on “Transgender Day of Remembrance

  1. I am so glad to see that people like you still exist. I loved this:

    “Why can’t we just live utopianistically, holistically, and lovingly?”

    Hope we get the answer soon. Thank you so much for sharing!

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