Desire and Destiny Day 9: Focused Me

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“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.”  —Henry David Thoreau

It’s difficult to arrive at a destination if we don’t know where we are headed. This is equally true for our life journey. In order to realize our deepest desires, it is essential to identify exactly what we want and stay focused on that intention with dedication, focus, and awareness. At the same time, this practice requires us to let go of attachment to any single outcome, opening us up to abundant possibility. [This concept is the exact same ideology around the fourth principle of tarot. We must be open to outcome, because nothing in life is permanent. Nothing in life is concrete. By opening up to serendipity and keeping an open mind, our lives won’t be limited based on our perceived and narrow hopes and wishes which could be outside of cosmic balance and the greatest good. This doesn’t mean we have to stop hoping or wishing however.]

Today’s meditation centers on bringing our heartfelt desires into crystallized focus and putting our heart-centered attention on what we envision. In this way, we align ourselves with the universe to reach our intended destination, clear on what we hope to achieve and open to all opportunities that help us realize our dreams.

Our centering thought for today is:

“I am focused on what I want.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Om Varunam Namah.” My life is in harmony with cosmic law.


Before we meditate together, take a minute to notice if you have any attachments, expectations, or doubts about your life’s purpose. Just notice and allow yourself to be curious about whatever is present for you in this moment. Inhale deeply from your belly, allowing your breath to carry through your entire being. When you exhale, release anything that isn’t serving you in this moment. Invite your inner knowing to open, expand, and guide you as you meditate today.


“To manifest our desires we need to listen more clearly to that loving voice within us. It is a spoken intelligence of our heart and soul. Everyone has it. The inner wisdom that goes beyond our senses,  to the very essence of Source and possibility. It always knows where to guide us, if only we pay attention, listen and go with it. When we align our calm, determined, open-hearted focus with that Source, the Source of all things, Source energy, we begin to make decisions from a place of stillness and divine design. So, open up, get still, and listen to your own emotional GPS.” – Oprah

Deepak shared with us today that, “focusing on what we want rather than what we don’t want is important. We want to generate a field of awareness that feels whole, content, and complete. If you want a new job that allows you to express your creativity, while receiving abundant compensation, set that as your goal rather than focusing on what you don’t want. Whatever we put our attention to will expand on our experience. So it is important to focus on what we want to flourish in our lives. Once we have set clear intentions, we can take steps to bring our vision to life. Connecting to the inner wisdom that is both the Source and the fulfillment of our desire. We want to tune into our intuition, a form of intelligence that goes beyond the rational mind. Intuition is contextual, relational, and holistic. It is an attribute of our soul and does not have a win-lose orientation. Our intuition ease-drops on the mind of the universe, giving us access to an unending source of possibilities. When we are in tune with our intuition we can experience flashes of insight and quantum leaps of creativity that our logical, linear mind cannot make. We can feel our way through life trusting our hunches and staying open and flexible instead of rigidly sticking to a plan. Intuition isn’t a special gift, we all have intuitive abilities that we can cultivate and use to manifest our desires and fulfill our destiny. Often we are unaware of the messages our intuition sends us because it is clouded by our fear and agitation. In meditation we go beyond our noisy turmoil and into stillness. In the pure clarity of silence our intuition awakens and guides us into spontaneously making the most evolutionary choices.

As we prepare to meditate, bring your awareness to your heart and consider our centering thought:

“I am focused upon what I want.” 

Find a comfortable position with your hands gently in your lap and close your eyes. In this moment go within. Go to that inner place of quiet where we experience our connection to the higher Self. Let go of all thoughts and begin to observe the inflow and outflow of your breathe. With each breathe allow yourself to become more relaxed, more comfortable and more at peace. Now gently introduce today’s mantra.

“Om Varunam Namah.” My life is in harmony with cosmic law.

Repeat the mantra silently to yourself. Whenever you find yourself distracted by thoughts, feelings in your body, or noises around you; simply repeat the mantra until you are finished.

What were your impressions of today’s meditation? 

i am focused on what I want

My life is in harmony with cosmic law. Your life is in harmony with cosmic law.
Namaste. We are all one.


3 thoughts on “Desire and Destiny Day 9: Focused Me

    1. Thank-you Sandra! It has been a beautiful resource for me as well. Deepak and Oprah make a great team. If you like these, check out Super Soul Sundays on OWN. Mind blowing seminar talks with some of the worlds best minds and souls. Namaste.

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