Connecting to Elementals: Discovering Earth Spirits through Faerie Tale Meditation


Earlier, I posted about the incredible mental connection we have with Earth Elementals through Myth. I would also suggest you read more about our physical connection as well. 

We connect physically when we place our hands on a tree. We connect by walking into the woods for a hike, or find an ancient stone structure, be that a glacial boulder or crystal cave. We even connect to this earth energy by simply holding a crystal in your hand, or walking barefooted through the grass.

We connect mentally when we begin to read and talk about the myths of the past. By doing so, we can create our own myths in the present, and relate them to our present day and modern society.

Today, I will discuss how to experience this type of energy mentally through myth, faerie tale, and guided imagery via meditation. 

In his book, “Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate with Nature Spirits & Elementals,” Ted Andrews details these three ways.

By researching and connecting to stories already told throughout history (herstory), and by imagining ourselves within those stories, we will be able to get a better sense of this type of earthy energy.

You will also be able to relate it to that of your own experience.

Because after all, the only way to actually experience the Earth Elemental energies is to experience them for yourself in a safe and healing way.

So without further ado, here is the second exercise in researching nature spirits in faerie tales.

oil-painting-figurative-painting-19c-girl-with-book-in-painting Mary Gow, Fairy Tales, 1880s

Exercise Two: Attuning to Earth Spirits Through Faerie Tales

There are a variety of folk and faerie tales that provide great insight into the character and personality of the may kinds of nature spirits, faeries, and elves that are associated with the element of earth. These stories can provide clues as to how to approach and work with them.

Reading what has been written about them in story, song, and poetry is a means of letting them know you are interested. It opens the doors to allow them to enter more easily.


One of the most dynamic ways of opening to the nature spirits of the earth is by using the tales as a form of meditation. This may seem like a form of fanciful daydreaming, but when applied in the appropriate manner, it becomes a force that opens doors to this realm. We are simply using the tales as a means for developing a relationship with the faeries, elves, and beings of the earth realm. We are building bridges between the outer world of humans and the inner world of faeries. The following folk and faerie tales are effective to use in meditation to open contact with those elves, faeries and nature spirits associated with the element of earth.

  • “The Fall of the Earth Giants.” (Mexican)
  • “The Tale of Demeter and Persephone.” (Greek)
  • “The Separation of Earth and Sky.” (Maori)
  • “Tales of Ali Baba.” (Arabian)
  • The Three Languages. (German)
  • “Snake Magic.” (Swahili)
  • “The Man Who Learned the Languages of Animals.” (Ghanaian)
  • “Rumpelstiltskin.” (German)
  • “Iubdan, King of Leprechauns.” (Irish)
  • “Snow White and Rose Red.” (German)
  • “A Tale of Tontlawald.” (Swedish)
  • “The Necklace of Brisings.” (Scandinavian)
  • “Rip Van Winkle.” (United States)
  • “Loki and the Treasures of the Gods.” (Norwegian)
  • “The Tale of Thomas the Rhymer and the Faerie Queen.” (British)
  • “Rubezahl Tales.” (German)
  • “The Tale of Orfeo and the Elf Lord.” (Greek)
  • “Tale of Tam Lin.” (British)
  • “British Tales of Robin Goodfellow.” (British)
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (British)

The list could go on. I see however that unfortunately, Ted only gives tales from the “Old World” lands of Europe.

This is unfortunate because I would love to add a list of Asianic, Oceania, African, and Native American tales from both North and South America. If you have a suggestion that ties in with the Earth Elementals, comment below and I will add it after I review. Keep in mind I will be doing three more of these meditations one for each corresponding element of air, water, and fire. So for this post, think Earthy elemental stories and tales.

hands on earth

The process for using these or any other tales to open to the faerie realm is simple.

  1. This exercise is most effective when performed outside, around things of the earth (rocks, trees, grass, etc.). A place where you can put your feet in the mud or feel the earth in some way with your hands or feet will make this exercise even more effective.
  2. Find a time when you will be undisturbed, and reread the story to familiarize yourself with it. (You may remember it differently as a child, so as an adult it will be interesting to compare the two.)
  3. Now close your eyes and relax. Feel yourself connected to the earth.l Place your hands on the ground and feel the earth. Notice the texture, the depth, the strength. Imagine you can feel a slow deep pulse rising from the heart of the planet. As you do this, know you are grounded and protected.

ancient oak

  1. With your eyes closed, visualize in your mind that you are standing within a circle o f ancient oak trees. Their massive branches and trunks dwarf you. Their bark is twisted and gnarled like the skin of some ancient, giant entity. The upper portions of the roots are exposed, but you know they must extend down into the heart of the earth itself.As you stand beneath them, looking up, they seem to extend forever. You are amazed that trees could be this large. It is as if they form a wall against everything in the outside world. It is as if this inner circle is a point of separation. As you look about you at the giant trees, you are filled with wonder. If ever trees could house gnomes and elves, these surely could.As you turn slowly around, taking in the sight of the trees, you notice a soft mist forming on the ground. You watch, smiling. It is as if it almost tickles as it forms. Soon the grass is hidden from view, along with the base of those mighty oaks. In a few short moments, the mist closes around you. you are surprised. It seems to have a sweet fragrance, and it leaves a taste of honey upon the lips.

    thick forest mist

    You stand still, watching it swirl around you, and then it begins to descend. As it breaks and dissipates, you find that the scenery has changed. You are no longer in that glen in the midst of that circle of oak trees.

  2. At this point you must visualize as the main character in the faerie tale you have chosen. See yourself stepping into the story line and going through all the activities within the story. imagine yourself interacting with the people, the faeries, elves, and other beings that may be in it.
  3. You have entered into the tale itself. You do not have to hold strictly to the story line. Allow for your own creative input. Adjust the story line if it feels right to do so. Use your creative imagination. There is no right or wrong adjustment. If you do not wish to change the story line in any way, then don’t. It is important that you be comfortable in this visualization.
  4. At the end of the story, visualize the mist rising up and surrounding you again. Then, as it dissipates, see yourself back within that glen amidst the circle of trees. Understand that this is a shadow land – a place where th ehuman world and the faerie realm intersect. Know that each time you encounter such intersections, even if only in a meditation, you will strengthen the bridge between you and the faerie realm.oak grove
  5. Take a slow, deep breath, and allow the scene to fade before you. The trees disappear and you feel yourself sitting on that spot in nature where you first began your meditation. Still keeping your eyes closed, feel the earth again with your hands. Can you feel its pulse now? Does it feel any different than before? Do you notice any fragrances that were not apparent before?
  6. Now slowly open your eyes and gaze softly about you. Are there moving shadows? Any glowing spots upon or close to the ground? If there are bushes or trees nearby, can you see any faces within them?Don’t worry that you may be imagining it. Remember, “imaginary” is not synonymous with “unreal.” We could not imagine something unless there were some basis for it on some level of reality. Give thanks to the element of earth and those beings working with it for sharing with you. Remember, courtesy operates in all dimensions.Rock-Friend-WS


Photos courtesy of: Alpha Coders, Tobias Mastgrave, The Shakespeare Blog, Mandala Nomadess, Ten Thousand Trees, Valparai, and Mission Gallery Art.  

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