Are you fulfilling your spiritual vocation?


What obstructions need to be cleared from your life?

What is seeking to reveal itself in your dreams?

What prejudices are you holding on to?

All of these questions cut straight yo the matter of our current lives. Everything is connected because we are more than our jobs, cars, physique, emotions, and faith.

We are beings of light. Beyond any of our identities.

We have different layers that crave to be made one. All in alignment with eachother. We have grown to realize that we cannot be healthy if our thoughts, actions, and desires are disjointed. We cannot be totally healthy by merely eating whole grain foods and fresh vegetables and fruits; while being abusive to others.

We cannot be totally healthy by merely reading self-help books while believing we are superior to other races, religions, or sexual orientations.

We cannot be totally healthy by merely doing volunteer work while we do not follow our own passions.

We cannot pick and choose based on our own ego’s greedy desires. We cannot live harmoniously by only serving our own needs while ignoring the needs and wants of others.

So, ask yourself the questions above.

Do you have some answers?

I know you know them.


Question from Caitlin Matthews’ Celtic Devotional. Practices for Samhain. 

Practices for the Winter quarter of Samhain (1 Nov- 31 Jan) by Caitlin Matthews:

    • Practice introspection, meditation, contemplation, drawing upon the peaceful sanctuary of this season.
      • Shift burdens by doing something about them (e.g. make your will) or by giving up unnecessary patterns.
        • Remember your Ancestors and celebrate their wisdom.
          • In this deep season of darkness and introspection, seek the sun at midnight, the rich treasures that lie in the lap of Winter.
            • Be aware of the Ancestral Teachers, the grandparents and elders of the spiritual traditions, whose footsteps have kept the pathways open.
              • Cut back old growth in the garden and burn or compost it. Dig over the soil in preparation for the Spring.
                • Walk and meditate outdoors for at least ten minutes daily.
                  • Identify the nature of the soil and rock-forms in your locality and how this affects the life-forms who live upon the land.
                    • Be active, with like-minded others, in recording, preserving, living and learning about the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, especially those in your own land.
                      • As you travel through the land of Winter, relate your spiritual journey to the wisdom of this season.

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