Loving Someone Means…



“What does loving someone mean?
It means remembering their wholeness when they appear to be broken.
It means remembering their beauty when they appear to be ugly.
It means remembering their innocence when they appear to be guilty.
To love someone is to appreciate someone for whom they really are, no matter who it is that they currently appear to be.” – Teal Scott

This goes for loving others, as it also goes for loving one’s Self.

We all live to love


2 thoughts on “Loving Someone Means…

    1. Teal has a wonderful video series on relationships, which offers great advice. It’s a tad lengthy but so worth the 30 minutes. I will be posting it soon, but yes, all relationships, especially the ones with ourselves are truly important to remember because of this crazy world we live in is so fast. Sometimes, all we need is to slow down, breathe, and as you said, “remember.” Namaste

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