Connecting to Elementals: Earth Spirits


Earth spirits can be called many things. As children, we knew them as gnomes, leprechauns, wood elves, which are all generic titles. But all of these conceptions should not be confused with our usual idea of what they look like especially in books, movies, or television. Their forms and shapes change and vary, but all are earthy in nature.

They are that unique feeling you get when you place your hand on a tree. They are that feeling when you walk into the woods for a hike. They are that inescapable feeling you get when you find an ancient stone structure, or simply the energy you feel when you hold a crystal in your hand. There are countless dimensions of intelligence working holistically together to create this reality.


Just because you cannot see them, does not mean that they do not exist. By opening up to the real, rational, logical and incredible possibility that these beings or if you feel better, these energies, exist; then your heart, mind, and spirit will be open to untold mystery, magic, and connection. Just like the force that keeps our atoms together, just as gravity keeps us from floating away, just as the sight of a waterfall inspires calm, just as the sun’s energy nourishes all life on earth, so too do the elementals. Call them what you like: forces of physics, angels, faeries, or pure energy forms; they exist all around us.

These “gnome” energies work and maintain the physical structure of earth on their own levels of consciousness. They help create the green things, the plants, flowers, and trees. They guard the treasures of the earth, and work with humans primarily through nature. They give each stone its own individuality- its own energy. They do this with every aspect of nature, thus every tree, rock, crystal, and flower has something to teach us.


They also work to maintain our physical bodies, our composition and assimilation of minerals, etc. Without these energies we would not function in the physical realm. They help us become aware of our physical senses and develop a reliance on them. Too little connection with our personal gnome and other earth elementals may make us feel “spaced out.” Too much connection with them will stimulate narrowness of vision. By attuning to our personal gnome and its energies more directly, we can develop determination and appreciation. We develop an openness to its influence that can assist us in becoming more spontaneously helpful and humble.

Nature spirits of the earth include beings other than just the elementals. It includes tree and wood elves, flower and field faeries, dwarfs who inhabit rocks and caves and mounds, and all of those of the faerie realm who live close to the earth. This includes leprechauns of Ireland; brownies of England; the kobuld of Germany; the nisse of Scandinavia; duendes in  Iberian, Latin American and Filipino folklore; the yōkai in Japan; or the Little People by Native Americans.


Stories vary but in spite of contradictions, there are certain qualities that are universally attributed to Earth Spirits by Ted Andrews:

  1. They have a stunted nature.
  2. They have a strong kinship with the earth.
  3. They are often reclusive.
  4. There are no women among them. Because of this, they often sculpt progeny from metal and stone, and often fall in love with mortal women. (I would go so far as to say that if they are heterosexual they’d go for the women or mortal men if they are homosexual. Although we are talking about energies here, where gender or orientation have no basis. Suffice it to say that most energy beings will take the form most appealing by the viewer. It really couldn’t care for them either way. )
  5. They have a great understanding of the primal forces of the earth.
  6. They are often master craftsmen.
  7. They are masters of incantation.
  8. They hoard great treasures.
  9. They often provide mortals with assistance and gifts, both of which are usually touched with magic.
  10. They are masters of the mundane elements.


The “gnomes” and “dwarfs” often took on the customs and appearances of their locale, which makes sense since their tales are not specific of one single area on earth, but throughout the world. The fertility of the land falls under their domain since they are Gaia’s guardians spirits. They resent not being asked when “humans want to make changes in an environment, and in their anger may exact some tough lessons on the humans involved.”

These beings and spirits of the earth, no matter where they manifest, are crucial to the evolution of humanity.

They maintain the earth and everything upon it so that we have a place to grow and evolve. They are here to assist us in our initiation into the earth element. Anything on earth implies form, shape, weight, and a material substance. The initiation of the earth involves learning how to free ourselves from those limitations. It implies learning all that we can about control of both our physical and our finer bodies of energy both visible and invisible matter.

hug a redwood

They can teach us that matter is not lifeless, and to be practical builders in life. To make things grow properly and in balance. They can teach us about our “feminine” aspects and how we are connected to the earth through the things growing upon and within it, just as a child developing in the womb is connected to its mother through an umbilical cord. They teach us to place people before things. They teach us practicality and caution; the proper expression of ambition, and how the proper form of it can be a dynamic force in the universe.

There are countless benefits to learning to connect with the spirits of the Earth.

  1. We develop greater circumspection.
  2. We awaken determination to succeed, along with various means to do so.
  3. They help open opportunities for success.
  4. They help us to balance greed and manipulation.
  5. They can help us to overcome coarse and base expressions of life.
  6. They assist us in our timing, helping to bring us back within nature’s rhythms where everything can work more easily.
  7. They can reveal the treasures of the earth.
  8. They can restore joy in the experience of mundane activities.
  9. They hold knowledge of using the earth’s resources to cure diseases and to instill prosperity. (Responsibly.)
  10. They awaken a renewed reverence for all expressions of life.
  11. They can teach us how to control and use the earth’s forces (for good without destroying it).
  12. They can help us in tapping and using the forces inherent in the human body.
  13. They hold the keys to magic.
  14. They stimulate artistic energies and craftsmanship.
  15. They can teach us to overcome the influences of time.


So, get out there! Discover! Hug a tree’s spirit, and see if you can feel what I have written about here today.

If you are nervous and would like a guided meditation, I will be posting one soon by Ted Andrews. Good luck! And have fun! See what you can discover on your own first!


REFERENCE: Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate with Nature Spirits and Elementals by Ted Andrews


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