Desire & Destiny: Day 6- Resilient Me

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“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”  —Abraham Lincoln

In life, it is fairly certain that we will each experience difficult and challenging passages. Within each of these moments we are given a special seed of opportunity, a gift. Many times, this point of view can be difficult to embrace in the midst of what appears to be a setback. Today, we spend our time together opening our minds and hearts to the blessings that come to us in disguise.

In the stillness of meditation we begin to gently release ego thoughts connected with success and failure. We begin to trust the movement of life knowing that the universe has much grander plans for us than we could ever fathom. Each step along the path of life, regardless of the destination, is an exciting part of the adventure. The moments themselves are the gift, the journey itself, the rich reward.

Our centering thought for today is:

“A gift resides in every moment.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Om Vardhanam Namah.” I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.


Use today to experiment with perception by tapping into the power of your thoughts, intentions, and the resilient strength that is always with you. As you travel through the day, any time you feel a sense of struggle, or you hear your inner dialogue sending you messages that cause you to feel you have failed or that you are less than, take a moment to pause. Stop what you are doing and allow yourself to take a deep breath. Then re-write the story of your inner response. Take time to identify the opportunities before you as a result of this perceived adversity. Give yourself permission to be in gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow.


“Every day brings us a chance to start over. We all have those stand down moments when we need to clear the way for truth and transformation. Sometimes those are painful moments. Though it’s hard to imagine, when you lose what you thought was a perfect relationship, when the job that defined you for twenty years is gone, when the people you counted on turn their backs on you; you may actually be taking a step forward on the path to your truest desires and ultimately to your destiny. Perceived failure is just life trying to move us in a new direction. Even devastation is there to bring us closer to being more of who we are. In these moments when we still ourselves and listen, we are guided to our deepest truth to the next right step. That is grace my friends, and abundance. When we get quiet, more observant, more contemplative,  and less reactive we can then find the gifts that are buried in every problem awaiting us. When we trust in the generosity of the ever present, releasing our fears, releasing our resistance, we can connect with the truth that every challenge really opens a new door bringing us closer to our destiny.” – Oprah

Deepak tells us: “When everything is flowing to our idea of how things should be its easy to feel that we are living in harmony with the rhythms of the universe. But when there is a clear gap between what we want and how our life is unfolding, we are more likely to feel stress and doubt. We may judge a situation as wrong or unfair. Or judge ourselves for what we perceive as our shortcomings or failures.

When our mind is full of resistance and painful thoughts, it is difficult to access our innate state of wisdom, clarity, and creativity. We get caught up in our thoughts, and begin to think that we are our thoughts.

In the inner quiet of meditation, our mind settles and we are able to witness our thoughts and limiting stories as a detached observer. As our awareness expands  we begin to see the hidden gifts and possibilities in whatever challenge we are facing. With the shift of perception, we realize that what appeared to be a devastating setback has actually cleared the way for our rebirth and transformation.

The life cycle of the Sequoia tree offers a beautiful example of nature’s cycles of clearing and renewal. Giant Sequoias are the worlds most ancient trees, the oldest known Sequoia is estimated to be about 3500 years old. What is the secret of Sequoia’s longevity? The elemental power of fire.

Periodic forest fires clear away everything that threatens the trees survival while ensuring growth and rejuvenation. Without the fire’s heat, the Sequoia cones couldn’t open and release their seeds. Without the clearing force of fire, Sequoia seedlings would be overcrowded by competing shade trees, and not have enough sunlight to grow.

In your own life you can probably think of examples of events that felt like a dream going up in flames? What which became the start of something more wonderful than you could have ever imagined? For instance being laid off from a job may have led you to take action on a long held dream of opening your own bakery, or going back to school to train in a different field.

Remember, from the soul’s perspective, there is no such thing as success without failure. There is only the present moment, which is filled with infinite possibilities.

As we prepare to meditate, let’s set the intention to gently acknowledge and release to spirit all thoughts and feelings about our perceived challenges and adversities that do not serve us. Let’s fill that newly cleared space with infinite love, light, and joy. As we step into this acceptance and find our resilience, we open to prosperity and our infinite potential.”

And isn’t that the truest truth my friends? Thoughts are incredible powerful things. By shifting our thoughts and perceptions, we can open ourselves up to what is really happening. To what is actually manifesting for the greatest good. To true healing and peace of mind, body, and spirit. To the countless gifts that are now a possibility.

A gift resides in every moment.
I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.
You can nourish the universe and the universe can nourish you.


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