At A Risk I Proclaim, I Believe In Faeries!


Photo courtesy of Lynn-Marie Gildersleeve of Fine Art America.

“Nothing fires the imagination as much as the idea of faeries and elves. Unfortunately, in our search for the modern life, we have grown insensitive to the nuances of nature.” – Ted Andrews, Enchantment of the Faerie Realm

With risk of slighting my medical profession, I must confess, I believe in faeries.

And everyone should.

The simple fact of the matter is, everyone believes in, some form or another, the fae.

Whether you call them devas, spirits, angels, avatars, elementals, god(s), goddess(es), nature spirits, or the forces of physics; folklore shows us that all over the world people believe in such forces. Forces outside of ourselves that sustain life as we know it.

The myths and legends of old were lessons, teachings, of past truths as well as allegories that reflect greater truths and awareness. They inspire us to search and find our deepest spiritual essences and to honour them and sustain them. These quests are rites of passage and are times of growth and maturing, and as such are rites of initiation into the higher mysteries of understanding.

“By aligning ourselves with poignant myths and mysteries, our psyche opens. We chase away our boogeymen and we see better int he dark. And that which expands our awareness and perceptions and opens us to greater possibilities can only be of benefit to our lives. By opening ourselves to the possibilities of the faerie realm we invite colour, creativity, and enchantment back into our lives. And we are blessed by it.” -T. Andrews

There are always those who will simply say that believing in the faeries is just the “stuff of fiction.” They will say that it is all imagination. They say that no scientific data exists (although if you watch the history channel more often or read scientific journals you will see that evidence does exist.) That it is a fool’s quest. That it is even the work of the “devil.”

We humans have a tendency towards this kind of smugness. Smugness that ultimately leads to our ill health and dis-ease.

Such smugness is pure denial.

Many of our fellow humans tend to be species centric, thinking and believing that we are the highest, most evolved, most important, and only intelligent beings on the planet. In a universe as vast as that which we live in, on a planet as vast as that which we live, such an attitude is arrogant. There are many forces in the universe and on our very planet are still being discovered every year. New ideas, new theories are blasting old dogmatic theory out the window. History, true history, is now being retaught in our adult years because what we were being taught previously was hog-wash.

There is much we do not yet understand, and there are also dimensions and beings of life that we do not yet recognize or understand. There will always be those who fear the unknown. Because it shakes their foundations and their very beliefs. But the truest belief that ever was uttered was that “everything in life changes.”

Fearing such change is nothing but keeping one’s head firming stuck in the ground.

Fearing such contact with any being or energy outside the physical plane is nothing but ignorance, and I would go so far as to say pure neglect. Such an ideology would make you unfit as a parent and as a human being. Usually, the people most vehement about it also fear contact with other humans outside of their race, gender, orientation, and religion. What one fears, one will often deny and try to destroy.

What type of lessons in life do we want to leave for the generations to follow?

Lessons of fear, violence, and bigotry; or lessons of curiosity, adventure, and acceptance?

In a universe of infinite energies and life forms, anything that expands our awareness and that brings joy to our lives can only be beneficial. By opening ourselves first to the possibility and then the realization of actuality, we open ourselves to all the wonders of the world waiting to be explored. We open ourselves to the mysteries of life. We have greater opportunity for fulfillment, prosperity, and joy within our individual life expressions. And we have greater opportunity for health, harmony, success, and balance.

The world still holds an ancient enchantment.

It hints of journeys into unseen and unmapped domains.

“There was a time when the distances between our world and those we consider “imaginary” were no further than a bend in the road. Each cavern and hollow tree was a doorway to another world. Humans recognized life in all things. The streams sand and the winds whispered ancient words into the ears of whomever would listen. Every blade of grass and flower had a tale to tell. In the blink of an eye, one could explore world and seek out knowledge that enlightened life. Shadows were not just shadows, and woods were not just trees, and clouds were not just pretty. There was life and purpose in all things and there was loving interaction between the worlds.” – Ted Andrews

Nowadays, few see witha child’s or seer’s eyes. Instead, we laugh and scoff at those who do. Because of this and because of the abuses we have imposed on nature and on each other the “blessed ones” have retreated and run away. But they still exist. If only we seek them out. There are still adventures to be had. There are still new stories to be told. There are still new friendships to develop.

As Ted says of himself, I concur:

“I believe in faeries and elves. I believe in trees that speak and caverns that lead to nether realms. I know there are dragons and princesses and wisdom in all things. My world is full of colour and joy and wonder.”

“As we open to new experiences, we will change, and those closest to us and used to us behaving along certain lines will feel we are no longer recognizable. This is disturbing to others because we are not who we once were. Yes, such experiences can be divisive to the self, but this is most often a good thing. We are not referring to a split-personality disorder, but rather we are referring to a division from that old, stale, daily ritual of life and the opening to new creative possibilities. The human essence is a wondrous thing. We are multidimensional and we have an energy system that enables us to perceive and respond on many levels- physical and otherwise. Unfortunately, most people become locked into a routine and a life pattern that becomes safe and automatic, with little room for anything out of the ordinary. Most people do not want to know about or experience the possibilities of life and energies beyond the physically obvious.”

The task then for you, if the call of the wild, the call of joy, the call of creative possibility speaks to you; is to learn to control and direct your perception and attune your energies that with those of nature. To connect to this faerie realm of thought and belief, we must live in a holistic balance with nature and all its children. The birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees. The furred, scaled, feathered, and finned. The night, the day, the sun, the moon. We must connect with our more instinctual and intuitive selves and to all life.

Children, poets, seers, and healers often find faeries without realizing it.

A pleasant floral aroma as you pass a bush, a sparkle out of the corner of your eye, hearing a soft tinkling, the playful chatter of squirrels, or a butterfly floating in our path. All of these are greetings of the faerie realms. Those with this second sight or peace and attunement with natural surroundings are already blessed and kissed by the faeries. The more you pay attention to these perceptions, no matter how slight or imaginary, the more you will become aware of their presence. It is then our responsibility to keep the connection of friendship there. The use of visualization (mediation), concentration, and creative imagination will lead to higher forms of inspiration and a fully conscious perception of the faerie realm.

The following, Exercise One, is an exercise to open your thoughts to the possibility of actual faerie encounters. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you have probably experienced the fae and just did not realize it. Then Exercise Two asks you to do a little homework to help you tap into the health benefits of the faerie realm. By being outside, attuning oneself to nature, and reconnecting with your inner whimsy you will begin to see changes in your day-to-day life.

So, dear friend, Do you believe? Do you know? Is your world full of colour, and joy, and wonder? If no, what’s stopping you from searching? From living? From living the life you want to live?

My hopes are the same as Ted’s:

“Every soul has a purpose, but sometimes we get so lost within our day-to-day activities that our lives pass with little purpose and even less joy. At such times, the soul- through its connection with the divine- attempts to remind us that something is missing. The realm of faeries reminds us to keep joy and creativity alive. It is my hope that you will discover your own doorways into this realm and breathe new life into your soul.”




  1. Have you ever seen a flash of light or sudden quick movement out of the corner of your eye that could not be explained?
  2. Have you ever seen flickers of light around your houseplants or flowers?
  3. When out in nature, have you ever felt as if the woods themselves were watching you?
  4. Have you ever walked down the street and had the fragrance of a tree or flower hit you strongly? (This is often a signal that you are being greeted. Some people experience this while those walking with them do not.)
  5. Do you or have you ever felt uncomfortable in your basement, attic, or dark areas of the house? (Dark elves often take up residence in such places. They don’t often cause physical harm, but their energy is tangible and will make your hair stand on end. They offer great inspiration and creativity once befriended.)
  6. As a child (and maybe even as an adult) did you need your closet door closed before you could feel comfortable enough to go to sleep? Did you ever see, think, or believe there was something or someone in your closet? (Again, dark elves that take up residence in people’s home will often use the corners of a closet.)
  7. Did you ever have or ever see a child with an “imaginary” playmate? (Often they are not imaginary at all, but are members of the faerie realm.)
  8. Did you ever observe children playing and see them talking to themselves- especially when participating in outdoor activities?
  9. Do you find that talking to your plants helps them grow?
  10. Have you ever walked through an open field and found yourself brushing spider webs from your face? (Spider webs do not form at face level in open fields. They need something to cling to. usually in such occurrences, you have been brushed by field faeries.)
  11. Have you ever heard music or singing from unidentified sources?
  12. Do your dreams often and consistently involve outdoor environments- woods, fields, streams, etc.? (This can often signal a calling by the faeries to you or memories of time in which you encountered them.)
  13. Have you ever encountered an old woman while out walking in nature, only to turn around the next moment and find her gone?
  14. Have you ever been sitting or humming softly and seen animals draw closer? (Faeries and elves often take the form of animals and are drawn to storytelling and music, especially when simple and from the heart.)
  15. Have you ever found things inexplicably appearing, disappearing, or being rearranged in your house?
  16. Do you ever find yourself excessively sleepy when camping or on extended nature outings? (The energies of nature spirits can induce altered states of consciousness, and if sleeping on or near a faerie mound, you may find yourself unusually tired. I call this the “Rip Van Winkle Syndrome.”)
  17. Do you ever dream of strange beasts or dragons?
  18. Do you feel upcoming changes in the weather before there are any signs?
  19. Are your favourite times of the day dawn and dusk? Favourite times of the year autumn and/or spring?



It is always a good idea to reread some of the old faerie tales. For many people today, favourite forms of literature involve faerie tales, myths, folktales, and fantasies. This can indicate that here is a connection and that the faeries and elves are trying to reach out.

Most people have a favourite faerie tale growing up. Go find that story. If you can, purchase a cop of it in the children’s section of the bookstore. If you are not sure what the title is, go to the library and leaf through and read some of the faerie tale collections available.

Reread that story as if it were an invitation for you to enter into the faerie realm. See yourself as the main character- or whatever character you are most drawn to. This would not have been a favourite faerie tale for you if it did not resonate within you in a very dynamic way. it can be used to help you understand how you can best perceive, work with, and harmonize with those of that realm, [as well as bring new insight into your mind about who you are as a person, which will bring clarity of mind, body, and spirit.]

As mentioned earlier, many faerie tales hold truths that go deeper than the surface. They reflect patterns that we are likely to encounter within our life, and they often reveal areas where we can best work with those of this wondrous realm.


2 thoughts on “At A Risk I Proclaim, I Believe In Faeries!

    1. Thank-you! I like coupling folklore with medicine. The realm of the Fae can teach us so much about ourselves. Our deepest Selves. Our deepest wishes and hopes and dreams. Our deepest purpose. It can teach us to live with an open heart and regain any innocence that we may have lost in the past. May you be blessed on your quest. Namaste.

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