The Lingering Breath of Samhain

This is a rather good article that mirrors my own celebration of Samhain as a continued season, and explains the concept of Samhain resolutions as resolutions of spirit.

There is also a very beautiful mandala.

May we all build our resolutions during this season of Blood and Bone.


Celtic Soul Craft

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Once the trick or treaters have gone home, and the halloween decorations packed up for another year and the unexpected bumps in the night are over and done this is when my Samhain begins.

The worlds have still mingled but all those young party spirits have moved on and this is the time of the bone people, the ancient ones, our most ancient ancestors. They come through with the spine tingling rush and screaming but it is they who linger. It is their breath that expands Samhain.

The land here in Appalachia talks with a different voice than the lands on the west coast of Scotland and Ireland. In those lands of home I am fluent. For i am a part of them. I understand the flight pattern of leaf, the flight of crow and what the stream says as it rushes down the cold mountain into the loch.

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