Solar Question: What are you attempting to manifest now?


Photo courtesy of the Green World Trust. 

The Celtic Devotional questions are back!

The deep wisdom from teacher and author Caitlin Matthews speaks so deeply, it is visceral.

No matter what faith or cultural background you come from, you can resonate with her words.

Coming from Celtic roots in Gaul, Britain, and in Ireland my ancestors like that of many early Europeans speak to me.

They speak softly on the whispers of the wind. They speak of life, love, and of death. They joke, taunt, and sometimes try to share their wisdom. Caitlin has championed the study of this ancient people to no end, and continues to teach the many insights and history associated with this cultural tribe of artists, musicians, hunters, healers, visionaries, warriors, teachers, poets, and philosophers.

So, today’s question. These questions that I share and ask of you to also answer are for personal development and healing. Ironically, this is also connected to community development for who are we other than parts of a community? Regardless of whether or not we want to be. We all find ourselves in some form of identity, in some form of connection. There are those that oppose it, and there are others who champion it.

Here, I speak of champions who create community, not those who impose it.

I am not speaking of the socialite soccer mom’s gunning for another community raffle to send their children to summer camp. I am talking about so much more.

True creators of community are diverse in thought, and many in belief. They are the artists and visionaries who see connection where others see only differences. They embrace those differences in such a way that every voice is able to be heard with respect and honour. Where all are treated with equal worth and are cared for regardless of political position, age, gender, orientation, language, or heritage.

This is what I am attempting to manifest in my life now. True community. 

I am happy to say that I am partially already there.

My friends and I have created quite the community of people from various backgrounds who are looked after, nourished, protected, and guided towards their higher self’s purpose. Realizing it is sometimes the hardest part. But the key to realizing it does not always come from silent retreats (although this IS a key component) often it can be found in the arms of a friend or in the laughter that you share around a warm fire. We all need to help facilitate balance in our lives. We all crave it. We crave to be healthy and happy. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of living? Of loving?

So, I welcome you to our table with open arms and an open seat. 

Let us share stories, and hopes, and dreams. Let us eat and drink together of the delicious foods and wines of friendship. Let us talk of what projects we could develop. Let us drink to the many journeys that we have taken thus far, and look towards the ones yet to be had. Let us create true community.

What are you attempting to manifest now?


Practices for the Winter quarter of Samhain (1 Nov- 31 Jan) by Caitlin Matthews:

  1. Practice introspection, meditation, contemplation, drawing upon the peaceful sanctuary of this season.
  2. Shift burdens by doing something about them (e.g. make your will) or by giving up unnecessary patterns.
  3. Remember your Ancestors and celebrate their wisdom.
  4. In this deep season of darkness and introspection, seek the sun at midnight, the rich treasures that lie in the lap of Winter.
  5. Be aware of the Ancestral Teachers, the grandparents and elders of the spiritual traditions, whose footsteps have kept the pathways open.
  6. Cut back old growth in the garden and burn or compost it. Dig over the soil in preparation for the Spring.
  7. Walk and meditate outdoors for at least ten minutes daily.
  8. Identify the nature of the soil and rock-forms in your locality and how this affects the life-forms who live upon the land.
  9. Be active, with like-minded others, in recording, preserving, living and learning about the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, especially those in your own land.
  10. As you travel through the land of Winter, relate your spiritual journey to the wisdom of this season.

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