A Tarot Circle Game/Encounter for Samhain

Evolutionary Tarot & Circle Ways

As we approach the end of October, we come to Samhain, All Hallows, Hallowe’en, Scorpio time, the Death card month.  Whatever name you give it, we’re reminded of impermanence as we enter the colder, deeper time of the year.  Here is a process to help you and your close ones mark this special season, the gateway into the new year in the Old Ways.


A.  Gather in a circle, whether around a table, on the floor, or wherever.  Place a beeswax candle in the middle.  Remove any card(s) from your tarot deck that reminds you of Samhain/All Hallows and what it represents for you, then place this card(s) in the centre beside the candle.  You can also add miniature pumpkins, photos or other mementos of deceased loved ones, tokens of your ancestral heritage, fallen leaves, and other symbols to the middle arrangement.

B.  Read a quote/poem that reminds you of…

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2 thoughts on “A Tarot Circle Game/Encounter for Samhain

    1. You are so welcome James! It goes without saying how much I adore your lessons and truly look forward to what new questions come out of these circle games! You are a tremendous teacher with a loving heart who keeps us all inspired. Namaste my friend & pleasant dreams.

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