eCourse: Intro to Tarot Workbook & Handbook COMPLETED!


It has been a long road and a challenge, but I have finally finished the now 66 page and 22,564 word documents!

I cannot wait to show them off to my students.

Feel free to contact me at

derek AT completehealthcircle DOT com

if you would like to sign-up for classes. Full syllabus is below.

But first, it is time for bed.

Good night, sweet dreams…

In this course, you will explore the deep realms of tapping into your intuition. You will be provided information regarding how to tap into this intuitive power via the divination tool of the tarot. You will be given instruction on tarot’s fundamentals and how to begin walking the path of the tarot. You will learn how to find the appropriate tarot deck for yourself as well as workout a process of understanding each individual card and its relation to you. You will discover that the tarot is a book without a binding. It is a story of a seeker who wishes to seek the wise knowledge that surrounds him/her. As you learn each card as a different life experience of the seeker, you will be able to empathize with the world around and within you. You will come to understand how tarot is such a valid instrumental tool to personal growth.

Course Syllabus: Introduction to Tarot

Course Title: Introduction to Tarot
Course Duration: 3-4 Hours

Course Description:

Many have used the Tarot as a tool for therapy for centuries. From the ordinary practitioner to psychologists, people have been fascinated by the Tarot’s uncanny ability to tap into the human subconscious to illicit healing. With this course I hope that you will be able to learn to use the tarot to tap into your own inner warrior, healer, teacher, and visionary. With this course my wish is that you will be able to learn to heal and grow as a tarot practitioner, which in turn will allow you to help others heal and grow. Tarot however compliments and does not replace standard medical care. Healing is your choice, but Tarot does not diagnose, treat or prescribe. If you feel you require primary medical intervention, please contact your health care professional before proceeding with any activity in this class.


  1. Describe the history of the Tarot.
  2. Explain the facts versus the myths of the Tarot.
  3. Explain where the Tarot originated.
  4. Explain the difference between playing cards and the Tarot.
  5. Explain how to be aware of the limitations of relying on documentary evidence alone.
  6. Recognize the Waite-Smith deck.
  7. Describe the Fool’s Journey.
  8. Explain what the Tarot can do and mean for you.
  9. Explain what you need to know before you purchase a Tarot deck.
  10. How to personally connect with a tarot deck.
  11. Explain what to consider when purchasing a Tarot deck.
  12. Remember to have fun, wisdom and magic.
  13. Describe how to intuitively interpret the cards.
  14. Explain the Pick-A-Card-A-Day technique.
  15. Describe how to manifest a card in your every day life.
  16. Explain how to keep a Tarot Journal.
  17. Explain the importance of objectivity.
  18. Describe how to take care of a Tarot deck.
  19. Describe how to cleanse and purify a Tarot deck.
  20. Remember to have fun and trust your instincts.
  21. Explain the term archetype and its meaning.
  22. Describe how Carl Jung used archetypes in his theory of the human psyche.
  23. Explain the human collective unconscious.
  24. Explain the qualities of the Ego Types.
  25. Explain the qualities of the Soul Types.
  26. Explain the qualities of the Self Types.
  27. Describe how types share motivating orientations of order, freedom, ego, and social needs.
  28. Explain how the Tarot reflects these archetypes and their factors.
  29. Define the terms anima and animus.
  30. Describe what the Majour Arcana is and consists of.
  31. Describe the story of the Fool, Magician, and High Priestess.
  32. Describe the story of the Empress, Emperor, and Hierophant.
  33. Describe the story of the Lovers, Chariot, and Strength.
  34. Describe the story of the Hermit, Wheel, and Justice.
  35. Describe the story of the Hanged Man, Death, and Temperance.
  36. Describe the story of the Devil, Tower, and Star.
  37. Describe the story of the Moon, Sun, and Judgment.
  38. Describe the story of the World.
  39. Describe the suit of Swords.
  40. Describe the suit of Cups.
  41. Describe the suit of Pentacles.
  42. Describe the suit of Wands.
  43. Describe the element associated with the suit of Swords.
  44. Describe the difference between society hierarchy of Renaissance Europe vs. The Modern Age.
  45. Explain Teresa Michelson’s Three Sets of Three Mini-Dramas.
  46. Explain the keys to successful readings.
  47. Describe how to notice where you are in sacred space during tarot consultations.
  48. Explain how to make invitations and call in the seven directions during tarot consultations.
  49. Explain why it is so necessary to ask yourself “How am I?” during tarot consultations.
  50. Describe the Four-Fold Way by Angeles Arrien.
  51. Explain how to walk the mystical path with practical feet.
  52. Describe the Warrior Leader Archetype.
  53. Describe the Healer Caretaker Archetype.
  54. Describe the Visionary Creative Problem-solver Archetype.
  55. Describe the Teacher Counselor Archetype.
  56. Describe how to invite the different archetypes with instruments.
  57. Explain how to merge the Tarot with the Four-Fold Way.
  58. Explain how to aim for harmony and wholeness with your tarot practice.
  59. Explain how to awaken the four archetypes in your calling as a Tarot Practitioner.
  60. Explain how to embody the Warrior, Healer, Visionary, and Teacher.
  61. Describe how to best present yourself during tarot consultations.
  62. Describe how to set limits and boundaries with tarot consultations.
  63. Explain how to pay attention to what has heart and meaning during tarot consultations.
  64. Explain h0w to tell the truth without blame or judgment during tarot consultations.
  65. Describe how to remain open to outcome during tarot consultations.
  66. Explain how to translate questions during your tarot consultations.
  67. Explain how to reveal and carry out our creative purpose and achieve cosmic consciousness.
  68. Explain the process for building up Living Stones of the Tarot.
  69. Explain how the Tarot is first and foremost a powerful instrument of self-knowledge.
  70. Explain how the Tarot is a representation of the structure of the Soul.
  71. Describe the Way of Tarot as a Way of Life and Living.

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