Celebrating Global Oneness Day

His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaking about Interdependence.

Today is Global Oneness Day!

It was created to recognize and celebrate the fundamental interconnection of all people and all of life.

It is an opportunity to join thousands of participants in the exploration not only of the idea of Oneness, but ways in which this thinking can and is being applied “on the ground” so that our global society and culture increasingly reflect it.

Don’t miss this year’s essential heart-opening conversations with these inspiring Oneness speakers LIVE in over a dozen online events!

To listen in go to http://www.globaloneness2013.org/

Oneness is the energy of love that lies within and connects all of life, enabling us to recognize ourselves in everything.

The universe is one being and we are its cells, all essential and responsible for the well-being of the whole.

–Oneness Statement created by Humanity’s Team Global Council in May, 2010 in Delphi Greece

La Unidad es la energía de amor que yace dentro y conecta toda la vida, permitiéndonos reconocernos a nosotros mismos en todas las cosas.

El universo es un ser y nosotros somos sus células, todos esenciales y responsables por el bienestar de la totalidad.

–Declaración de Unidad creada por el Concilio Global del Equipo de la Humanidad en Mayo, 2010 en Delphi Grecia


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