Nature Journal: The Blood Moon


Photo courtesy of Larry Landolfi.

Sun rise: 7.15 am – Sun set: 6:05 pm EST in Albany, NY (10 hrs. 50 min. 03 sec. of Day Light) So, unless my math is wrong, that’s 1 hour, 27 minutes,  and 52 seconds less than last month!
Moon rise: 7.09 pm – Moon set: 10/21 8.52 am EST in Albany, NY (98.3% Illumination) Full Moon 10/18 at 7:38 PM

The Hunter’s Blood Moon this year has been a great week’s end.

When it first came to full illumination on Friday, and with it a partial eclipse, which was really very very subtle.

I drove to the park and sat by the astrolabe gazing and bathing in the moon light in full winter-style clothing. It was really very chilly, although, I can’t complain. I like the cooler nights: the colder it becomes the more accepted it is to wear gloves, scarves, and sweaters.

I sang to La Luna Bella in true Sioux and Cherokee fashion, with my own little twist. I was nervous, but just let it flow out of my mouth like a dirge or warrior call.  I also Drew Down the Moon, which I have not read nor done in a very very long time.  Of course you all know what happened after that: the Distanced Reiki Healing, but then what followed was the cherry on the cake.

My friend and I drove up to the mountains to meet our other Moon Sister and went for our monthly Wine & Moon Stroll.

The moon was so bright and with all of the leaves falling, the woods seemed so much bigger. The air was so crisp and fresh, and the wine was a gorgeous 2008 French Burgundy. The stream trickled and reflected the moon on the water like the White Lady from old even though it was much lower. Our breaths carried laughter and giggles up to the Moon herself in the 40 degree weather. Welcoming neighbors allowed us to share their deck fire to warm our hands and cheeks and then we were off again into the night!

Needless to say we stayed up quite past our bed times knitting, singing, playing music, and doing tarot. It was like we were in high-school again and no one, not even our inner parents, could tell us to quiet down. We all slept so soundly to then wake and make a brunch of tomatoes, cheeses, tea, bagels, and delicious Spanish omelettes.  We showed gratitude and found departed butterflies and moths and sent prayers for them on the midday winds.

La sigh.

The Hunter’s Moon. Always brings a smile to my face, no matter how cold my nose or fingers get, my heart is always warmed by the memories and friendship I share.

So, truth or dare?

What did you do this weekend? Go make memories if you haven’t.

Good night. Sweet dreams.


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