Remember Our Beloved LGBT Dead- A Meditation

The other day I watched an incredibly moving movie about two young men who fall in love in a small rural town. And much like all film with settings in such an area, they depict true cultural settings that still persist to this day: where ignorance, bigotry, and a blind eye is worth more than simple unconditional love.

Too many within our communities have died due to such conditions.

Too many still continue to be targeted with acts of violence.

Even though this is a rather short song, allow yourself to sit and listen, and remember those who have suffered horrible deaths throughout all time. Our LGBT martyrs who were raped, persecuted, and then murdered because theirs was a higher and more authentic expression of self: true unconditional love. Outside of the bounds of gender, outside of the bounds of patriarchal society, outside of the bounds of small mindedness and jealousy, outside of the bounds of fear.

Let us reflect upon this travesty and imagine in what ways could we make a difference? In the ways we raise and treat our children, in the ways that we interact with others in our communities, in the ways of our own choices for standing up for the global & universal right of all: Love.

Let us light a candle and remember them this Hallowmas season.

Let us heal their wounds and remember them.

Let us heal our community wounds and remember them this Autumn turning to Winter season.

Let us heal our global communities from these horrors and remember them.

Let us remember them.


*The song for this video comes from the movie’s soundtrack. Its title is “Remember” by Richard Buckner and Patty Griffin


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