Tarot Death Card Meditation


Image of Death from the Gaian Tarot, courtesy of Joanna Powell Colbert. 

Whenever I do a Tarot Healing for someone, yes healing not reading (See Tarot Therapy above), there are always a few cards that everyone naively either loves or is afraid of. And this is no fault of the client.

There is great mystery surrounding anything related to the occult, “magickal,” or fantastical world.

Oftentimes is that society has created great myth and superstition surrounding such healing modalities.

You all know what cards I am talking about, even if you are unfamiliar.

I’m talking about the Lovers, the Devil, and of course, the Death card.

It is common in Western civilization mindset to fear death, but this is just not so commonplace in other cultures around the world.

So, let us take this time during the season of the Ancestors (Halloween, All Hallows and Hallowmas) to face our fears and be a bit taboo. After all, during this time of year, it’s deemed “appropriate,” no?

I promise it won’t be as bad as you may think. The imagery is up to your own making. 

This meditation was written by one of my favourites, Mary K. Greer. Mary is scholar, writer, teacher and professional tarot consultant. With more than forty years experience in tarot as an author and teacher, she advocates a revolutionary approach to learning and using the cards that emphasizes personal insight and creativity.

Although it may be a tad graphic for you to stomach, the fact of the matter is, death comes to all of us at one time or another.

It is up to us as to how we handle ourselves in that moment, whether we will be filled with peace or dread as we cast aside our physical bodies and accept our true spiritual selves.

Ground yourself in a sacred circle and invoke spirit protection and presence of the Gods. [Invoke what ever entities or entity that would make you most comfortable as it relates to your own heritage or spiritual path.]

Imagine you are at a very interesting and exciting party with lots of people, both friends and strangers, all around you, and lots of things happening. Although you have enjoyed the party, you realize it is time to go. You wave goodbye and turn around. perhaps a little sad, but also anticipating the next step, you open and walk through a door that closes behind you. you find yourself in a silent anteroom or cloak closet with an exit door in the opposite wall. You realize, though, that you cannot go through that door in the clothes you are wearing. They will no longer be appropriate. So you take off your clothes, one by one, until you are completely naked.

However, you now realize you have not taken everything off after all. There is still another cloak, another layer to be removed. And so you reach up and find that you can unzip your skin and flesh from the top of your head to your crotch, shrugging it off like a one-piece coverall. You strip it off until you are down to your skeleton, down to the bare bones. You have taken off everything that is inessential, that is not truly yours. Only your most basic, elemental structure– your raw scaffolding– remains.

To your left is a full-length mirror. Look at yourself in the glass. See the skeleton of who you are, now that no cloak, mask, or personality covers you. Without rank, race, or social class, face the bare truth of yourself. See what is left after everything you thought was you is gone.

It is time to go through the other door. It might feel frightening to enter the unknown stripped bare, for you have no idea what awaits you on the other side. You open the door and step through and into a realm of light. As you eyes adjust, a form in the distance becomes more and more tangible. It is an angel [Fae, Guardian, Ascended Master, or loved one] similar to that on the Temperance card of the Tarot. The angel steps forward to welcome you, and then begins to dress you, clothing you in the garb of your higher self- perhaps in a rainbow waterfall of shimmering colours or in a flood of ethereal essences. With soothing, healing motions, the angel adjusts and arranges your raiment until it fits just right. Look down and see yourself robed in your spiritual essence. Breathe in the light and aroma of this place. Fill yourself with its life energy.

Thank your guardian angel for being present to help make your transition easier. Perhaps you will want to stay a while in this wonderful, healing place.

When you are ready to return to the material world, you find that you can step easily and effortlessly back into your physical body, your normal consciousness, and your regular clothing, but an awareness of your spirit raiment stays clearly with you, although out of sight. You may want to recite your chosen song or chant or poem at this time.

Thank and release the spirits you invoked, and open the circle.


2 thoughts on “Tarot Death Card Meditation

  1. Thanks so much for this meditation! I am a very visual person and need this kind of connection and input.

    Temperance Angel led me to begin a fun and creative project that I had put off for ‘later’ – sewing a long, maroon cloak. I can sew a little and have all the materiels needed for the project, but my lately my life has been extremely busy so I put off sewing it as a frivolous distraction. Now I see that I have been battling myself and causing unneeded stress by not allowing my creative side to come out to play on a regular basis.

    During my hectic day it will be a welcome change to relax, open up and focus on something creative for a while – to go through that new door that the Death card represents and find new ideas and opportunities that I could have never imagined on my own.

    Also in my meditation with Temperance Angel, she let me understand that I will function better overall if I let go of the small items in my home that do not serve me anymore, mostly the craft supplies that I had been saving for ‘later’. She let me see that they are maintaining stagnant energy that is blocking my progress on many levels. I will cheerfully donate the items and make room for many new and wonderful possibilities! Woohoo!

    Thanks again! I am looking forward to investigating the rest of your site.

    Take care,

  2. Wendy, my dear friend, thank-you for your comment. Mary truly has a way with words, that I hope, with time, that I too will have such eloquence. I am so happy to hear of your experience. Confronting our own death is not easy, but within this scary landscape we find our own great fortitude in the face of such adversity. Blessings my dear.

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