Hiking Meditation: Join us this Saturday in Woodstock!


This Saturday we will be car-pooling to Woodstock, NY.

Once there the plan is as follows:

Relax. Recharge. Realign. 

  • To take in the beauty of the Hudson Valley during peak autumn foliage season.
  • To tour the authentic Tibetan Buddhist Monastery called Karma Triyana Dharmachakra.
  • To hike and explore Overlook Mountain as well as a fire tower and some old hotel ruins.
  • To meditate with a mixture of rhythm play, group breath work, grounding, power chanting, earthing power, and Sivananda-esque Yoga Relaxation.
  • To picnic and ground what energy we stir up within ourselves so remain balanced and stave off draining and depressive energy.

We will begin by meeting to do the Free guided tour which is available to the general public on Saturday (& Sundays) at 12:30 pm. Meet in the Gateway near the bookstore. (Tour starts at 1:00 pm.)

The shrine building was built by lamas, staff, volunteers, painted by a Tibetan artist-in-residence and decorated in the style and architecture of an authentic Tibetan monastery. It was completed in 1992.
The grounds are decorated with Tibetan prayer flags draped up the mountain, a “Dharma Path” with benches and prayer flags that lead to a parking lot and a large goldfish pond stocked by His Holiness the 16th Karmapa.

**Dharma students and visitors to the monastery may want to read the section on “Dharma etiquette,” which gives detailed and helpful information on shrine-room protocol; interviews, teachings, and empowerments; offerings; and proper attire.*** http://www.kagyu.org/ktd/monastery/dharma_etiquette.php

We will begin by doing the tour and then we can skip over the road to the Overlook Mountain Trailhead. By any measure, the Hudson Valley views from the cliffs on Mt. Overlook are incredible, and the fire tower and old hotel ruins on top are icing on an already awesome cake. I definitely plan on exploring the ruins & climbing the Fire Tower!

overlook mt

Just dress appropriately as it is sure to be chilly. Hiking boots aren’t a necessity. Bring water, and snacks! We can end with a group potluck picnic at the top.

Highlights: Fire tower, old husk of a hotel, jaw-dropping views, Buddhist temple
Distance: 5 miles, up-and-back
Approximate roundtrip time: 3 hours
Directions to the trailhead: From the village of Woodstock, head north on County Route 33 (Rock City Road). This turn is smack in the center of town, and it’s a right turn if you’re coming into Woodstock from the east on Rt 212. Stay straight on this road through the intersection with Glasco Turnpike (really, this is a turnpike? I think some folks in Jersey might disagree). You’re now on Meads Mountain Road, on which you’ll stay straight as it climbs and winds its way up the base of Mt. Overlook (cheerfully doing much of the work for you). When you see the huge Buddhist temple on your left (about 2.5 miles after the village of Woodstock), look for the trailhead parking area on your right.

Photos courtesy of the KTD Blog, and Limonada


2 thoughts on “Hiking Meditation: Join us this Saturday in Woodstock!

    1. Thanks my friend! You will surely be there in spirit. All, I have to say is that it better not rain! Haha. Actually, even if it does, the monastery will be nice and well…I DO have an umbrella.

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