A Letter to my Young Self: 10 Points on Spirituality I’d Like to Share


The following is an article written by Linda Lyng from the Yoga Living Fall 2013 Magazine.

Linda lives, writes, and teaches in Kimberton, and may be reached at llyng@lunayogapa.com.

1. Hiding your true self is exhausting.
Most of your suffering is caused by defending the systems you have put in place to avoid pain. When you lose the social mask and allow yourself to feel grief, pain, anger, shame, or whatever is there, you will gain time, energy, health, and real relationships.

2. Take full responsibility for your internal state.
Emotions serve by letting you know if something is right or wrong in the present moment. Using them to project, judge, and blame others for your state of mind is diametrically opposed to spiritual growth. Taking on self-blame is equally divergent. A spiritually mature human being understands that if you want the world to show up differently, you have to acknowledge and take care of your real feelings.

3. You are the ultimate authority on you.
Your mind-body has a built-in barometer of what is true for you. The more you pay attention to and honour this incredible gift, the easier it becomes to make the right decision in the moment without having to stop and ascertain all the ‘facts.’

4. Your body is the gateway to consciousness.
So many of your physical and emotional problems come from sedating the body away from its natural inclinations. In addition to formal movement exercises, try lying on your bed or the floor with a few yoga mats pushed together. If a sound or movement wishes to emerge, fully allow it and don’t judge. Wow, did you even have a clue your body wanted to do that? Find ways to honour your need for natural movements during the day.

5. Spend more time developing your breath.
Breath work may not look as sexy as yoga poses, but it’s key to awakening and good health.

6. You are afloat in a sea of Consciousness that sustains you.
As a baby, your connection with Consciousness was mostly ignored, so you thought it worthless and this caused you pain. You tried to find the fulfillment you received from being with your caretakers, but instead created a self-image based on the expectations and reactions of others. This is known as the ego. Now you go out into the world thinking that satisfaction is somewhere ‘out there’ instead of our innate state. Remember that ‘heaven’ can be right here if you return your attention to your True Nature.

7. Understand pre-verbal trauma.
You all hold trauma in your body for which you have no memory since it happened in-utero or infancy, resulting in holding and thought patterns which run your life and interfere with your access to Being. To be a free and fully developed human being, you will need to uncover and heal these patterns. You will need help with this aspect of your growth, as pre-verbal trauma is hard if not impossible to see on your own. Take the time to find a proper healer– one who understands that complete release has to happen at the level of the body-mind; that integration of the young aspects of your persinality is just as important as the release.

8. Love is not ‘out there’ but emerges from our relationship with Being.
Until you reach spiritual maturity, all of your relationships will be based on trying to find a substitute for the lack of Self-live or connection to Consciousness. No one can do this for you, but once you are aware of what the real goal is, you can choose relationships where you work together to help each other restore this connection.

9. There is no end game.
You will experience a slow unfolding rather than instant enlightenment. If you have an expectation of reaching some state where you ‘know’ everything and can conduct your life in pure unending bliss– think again! It is actually your comfort level with not knowing which will open you further. It is a continuous choice to allow Being to direct your life rather than the ego. The machinations of the ego will never be able to fulfill your true needs while Consciousness is fulfillment.

10. Allow reality to be as it is.
The reality of the present moment contains everything you need. Unfortunately, your immediate instinct, especially when alone, is to do whatever you can to distract yourself from reality because one of the things you quickly encounter in silence is the void. If your ego isn’t identified with what is outside of you, it feels as if it will be annihilated and pumps up the fear. What you don’t understand is that feeling into the emptiness is the last barrier between you and bliss!


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