A Cute Way to Learn about “Obamacare”

Here is a reblog from my friend over at Inspiration Energy.

This is a very to-the-point and cute explanation of the Patient Protection & Affordability Act. 

I hope it helps to bring things in full view for those of you still on the fence. Healthcare is healthcare, and if you are like me with friends who are ill or can’t afford to go to the doctors because they do not have or cannot afford health insurance, well now at least we can all stop worrying if that person is going to die from the flu if the cheaper or free-clinic medicines don’t do their job. (So far so good though!)

But my point here, is that you can never be too careful, and home-remedies and free-clinic medicine isn’t and shouldn’t be you’re only go-to or choice.

Allopathic and naturopathic medicine both have their advantages, and should be affordable for everyone no matter what income they may have.

Now that everyone in the country will be able to get the necessary help they need when they do fall ill is an incredibly great and loving and important thing for our society/civilization to have as a beacon of hope for our nation.





Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community –Visually.


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