Begin to Understand Your Cycle of Dis-ease & Healing

To help gain some insight into a specific illness, condition, or symptom you may like to try this Tarot Therapy technique called “Picture the Pain” by Christine Jette, RN who also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Tarot is a wonderful tool for delving into our deep psyches, which can help us understand the root sources of why dis-ease keeps manifesting itself in our lives.

The images we see in layouts reveal important things to us about our inner selves.

Begin by breathing deeply, center yourself and repeat an affirmation such as this one:
“I am calm, strong, and centered. I am at peace, safe, and secure. I expect healing, and I am thankful for it.”

With each question that is answered by a card, meditate upon it. Let your inner wisdom guide you.

Only you can determine what you need to do in order to heal.

Shuffle the deck, and cut it hiwever feels appropriate. Make piles, fan them out, etc. Then choose five cards, face-down and arrange them as in Figure No. 1. As you shuffle, concentrate on where you hurt, where the pain lays in your body. Picture it, and try to refrain from having preconceived notions about which cards will appear. You may wish to chant while you are shuffling. When you feel you have shuffled enough, and the card or cards have been shown to you (as I go along, I shuffle on a question until a card pops out or otherwise makes itself known by touch.)

I like to ask each question and in turn pick one card as I go along. You can do it this way, or all at once. It’s up to you.

If you have room, keep the cards out where you can see them. You may come to call this your “Healing Altar.”

Be sure to write down the insights, questions, and answers in a journal and date it. Leave the cards out for a few days to see what new insights you may get.

Be patient. Go slowly.

New insights may surface with day or night time dreams. Be sure to leave room to write down your additional findings.


Card One– The Pain: Listen to your body. What does the card’s image tell you about your dis-ease? Does the card remind you of a past memory or current issue? Where might this pain be stored in your body?

Card Two– Awareness: Understanding is vital to healing. What insight do you have (hunch, intuition, feeling, gut reaction) right this moment that will help you heal?

Card Three– Unconscious Hopes & Fears(Blocks): The image on this card reveals that which is hidden from view and just beginning to surface. It signifies a block that has hindered your flow of energy. You may be vaguely aware of this information and it will soon become known to you in full, as you engage in the healing process.
What do you fear? What is holding you back? If the card is positive, it may represent your hidden desires, hooes, and dreams that you have not acted upon. This card may also be the majour source of frustration in your life– that which is preventing you from becoming all you can be.

Card Four– The Past: How has the fliw of the past into the present affected your health? What factors in your personal history relate to feelings of dis-ease?

Card Five– The Turning Point: What is needed for healing? If the images on the card are negative to yiu, it is because they are graphic depictions of what is wrong. Once you see the problem clearly, you can begin to understand and heal it.


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