IPCC Climate Report: 190 Countries & Scientists Say with 95% Certainty


Well, it’s out.

And instead of people talking about what we can do as a GLOBE and as individual CITIZENS OF THE PLANET, the world is talking about how foolish American Government is. And how it may shut down because we can’t get our acts together.

Even if you just look at the graphs in the report, you can see for yourself that:

  1. The observed global combined average of land and ocean surface temperature has increased almost a whole degree C since 1850.
  2. Surface temperatures have increased in most places almost 1-2.5 degrees C since 1901.
  3. Northern Hemisphere spring snow cover has decreased 5 million km^2 since 1950.
  4. Arctic summer ice extent has decreased 6 million km^2 since 1950.
  5. Change in global average upper ocean heat content has increased about 25 units.
  6. Global average sea level has increased about 200mm since 1900.
  7. Atmospheric CO2 Levels have increased about 80 parts per million since the 1950s.
  8. Surface ocean CO2 has increased and pH has decreased since 1900.
  9. Global averages of land, land and ocean, and ocean heat levels have increased dramatically due to natural and anthropogenic forcings since 1910.

If we continue and do not change our actions with these projections:

  1. Average surface temperatures from 2081-2100 will increase about 5-10 degrees C. (That’s HOT grandkids!)
  2. Average global precipitation from 2081-2100 will increase 20-60%.
  3. Northern Hemisphere September sea ice will be almost nonexistent come 2100.
  4. Ocean surface pH will decrease 0.4-0.7 units come 2081-2100.
  5. Global mean sea level will rise 0.45-0.85 meters come 2100. (Get your arks ready…)
  6. And I won’t even go into the estimated human CO2 emissions and temperature anomaly relatives come 2100. (I will give you a hint: It’s not good.)

So, what can we do as GLOBAL CITIZENS OF THE PLANET?

  • Have hope- don’t think it is too late.
  • Observe, listen, and make the hard decisions now rather than later.
  • Be informed from the real people doing the research, NOT Politicians or News Scare-tactics.
  • Come to terms with the past. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.
  • Be practical. Climate Change is a normal process, however, the anthropogenic impact seems to be taking it to a whole new level.
  • Check and watch your carbon footprint.
  • Chuck ill-practice monetary greed out the window. Your bank accounts may look nice now, but whats the true price when your inheritance will be useless in the future when its covered in blood-oil?
  • Look into sustainability/permaculture practices.
  • Think Local rather than Global (our local actions affect the globe as  whole)
  • Act with your Vote (Vote for delegates, legislators, and government officials with these values we can work TOGETHER)
  • Act with your Voice (It takes more than one mind or ideology to get the ball rolling. Think outside the box)
  • Design with your Heart (What will the future truly look like? It is ours to design.)

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