TGIF Reiki 2 Attunement!


Today is a beautiful day.

I woke up, and even though my blankets felt extra soft and warm, I got up and took a nice, yet short, shower.

I went to my friend Jen’s Sivananda Yoga Class at the Albany Heartspace.

I began my day with jovial laughter, breathing, tensing, releasing, and chanting.

On my way home, I stopped and picked up some organic oatmeal with granola and an herbal tea of lemongrass and ginger. I picked up a new beeswax candle for the occasion, and proceeded to make my way home on quite a yoga-high.

I prepared my space, mind, body, and spirit. Picked two tarot cards for visualization, lit my candle, and began playing my singing bowl.

The waves moved over my skin, kissing each cell as they danced from my toes to the crown of my head.

My experiences this time were not as dramatic as my first initial Reiki Attunement.

However, this was my experience:

My mind danced back and forth from thought to thought yet my inner screen was dark with swirling white clouds of incense smoke.

My upper and lower back were a bit uncomfortable, but as the pain seemed to only intensify, my mind pushed the pain away so I would no longer focus on it. My hands began to warm and tingle, and as I opened myself up with my hands together at my heart (Gassho) to receive my teacher’s Ki, I felt an inner warmth begin to build. Soon my entire chest and face were warm, not the burning temperature of hot soup, just the nice warmth from a camp fire. It grew even more to envelop me in a cocoon of gentle heat that made me feel at once alive, grounded, and protected. I could feel my pains slipping away and my backbone seemed more straight. There seemed to be a light touch on my right shoulder, ever so soft; and I relaxed here in this state for about 20 minutes until I began to more actively seek my Reiki Guardians.

Kwan Yin, or an beautiful Asian woman with long dark hair has always been a figure that has brought me peace, love and healing in my many vision quests. As she appeared, I asked her if she would be the one to teach me and guide me further along my Reiki path. She simply smiled and replied, “If I do, you must be dedicated. Every day. Every night. I will help you.” And with a nod I agreed, and several scrolls unrolled from the ceiling, each with a teaching for Respect, Dedication, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, Health, and a seventh one that was blank. Because I “am not yet ready.”

And with that she said a few more beautiful words of encouragement as she always does.

And now I sit here, in a state of sheer happiness, now that I can start practicing Reiki professionally not only on a physical level, but a mental and emotional level as well.

Reiki 2 comes with a much to learn. Symbols, healing techniques, counseling roles, etc. It comes with more responsibility, which therefore takes more more dedication and devotion to sustain.

So, I begin my 21-Day Reiki Programme of daily chanting, Ken Yoku Bathing, Hara Breathwork, Self-Healing, Morning pages, and eating a healthy diet sans red meat, caffeine, alcohol, or fired foods.

With each attunement there is a clearing or detox period where the physical body and the subtle bodies release their attachments.

A student can feel out of sorts, weepy or tired as an inner shift begins to unfold. Dreams and day dreams can be more intense. Old memories may resurface. Emotions and feelings can be more sensitive. You may even experience physical detox symptoms of diarrhea, running nose, increased urination, increased thirst, increased or decreased appetite.

All of this occurs as the subtle energy fields adjust and increase the healer’s capacity to channel energy. This is a period to nurture myself as a healer. To increase my sleep. To increase my water intake. To increase my light, my love, my joy.

This should not be a hard thing to do considering how great I feel right now.

Happy Friday… may you all have a blissful weekend of rejuvenation!



One thought on “TGIF Reiki 2 Attunement!

  1. In the words of Starhawk from her book The Spiral Dance, “Through open communication, we can become attuned to the cycles of nature, to the primal, ecstatic union that is the force of creation. Attunement requires sacrifice, the willingness to change, to let go of any point on the Wheel and move on. But sacrifice is not suffering, and life in all its aspects, light and dark, growing and decaying, is a great gift. In a world where the endlessly transforming, erotic dance of [life] weaves radiant through all things, we who step to their rhythm are enraptured with the wonder and mystery of being.”

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