Help Heal the Planet! Tomorrow’s Gong Bath!


Tomorrow, world-wide there is going to be a focus on Earth Healing and manifestation of protection for Mother Earth.

In the UK, pagans are campaigning against Fracking and doing a ceremony along with many other groups and individuals around the world. The intention is for protection, loving compassion and unity, synergy of our energies working in the world to manifest a sustainable future.

I have been asked by my friend Michele in the UK to share this with all of you, and everyone else who is not attending who may want to take a moment tomorrow to focus your intentions. Michele has asked us: “If you can also use your gong meditation on Saturday (& to ask the people with you) to send their intention for protection of our Mother Earth, their heartfelt healing energies, send them out on the waves of your gong sounds.

I think we all can do something tomorrow to help facilitate this and allow this great wave and vibration of healing to ripple across oceans, countries, and towns everywhere!

Tomorrow I will be meeting at the Troy Heartspace Yoga & Healing Arts Center at 4pm for a healing Gong Bath Mediation!

My intention will be for protection, love, compassion, unity and healing for my companions, friends, family, and all other beings on this planet.

“The sound of a master quality gong induces a state of spontaneous meditation and relaxation that facilitates the movement of chi or prana (positive life energy) throughout the body. This effect promotes vitality, healing, and awakens the consciousness for transformation.

The gong bath is a one hour immersion in sacred and healing sound wherein the gongmaster activates the full sonic potential of the gong and bathes the listener with sustained waves of primordial sound. The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. 

Based on ancient wisdom, the gongs vibrate at the same frequency as the body allowing the body to heal itself. The sounds and vibrations of the gong create deep relaxation and state of meditation by altering brain waves from a Beta (waking state) to Theta & Delta (deep meditation). Science teaches that during these brain frequencies we access our deeper subconscious and superconscious and they are key states for healing.

During a gong bath, listeners typically experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the sacred sound of the gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body. Listeners have also described out of body experiences, seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, along with symbols, images, and past life impressions. With its ability to induce a spontaneous meditative state, the gong offers listeners access to parts of the mind that are usually closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and higher consciousness.” –Earth Gong Bath

All a listener needs to do is relax and let the sound bathe the body and carry the mind.

Gong sound can be used to rebalance and tone the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is an excellent therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility, feelings of fear, separation and loneliness, along with many other conditions related to the lack of balance and harmony in the body.

And I might add, it is an excellent way to rebalance our planet as well. 

So, tomorrow, won’t you join us?

Take a moment tomorrow, even if it is a brief moment to connect to this beautiful green & blue planet that we depend on for our very survival as a species. Take extra care to do something to help heal the planet whether that is to send out your prayers/blessings/intentions, organize your own healing session, recycle, or any number of other ecological activities.

Together we can help not only heal the All Mother, but also ourselves in the process.


Photo courtesy of Sunrise Ranch


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