Autumn Reiki Labyrinth 2013

Periodically throughout the year, I like to gather with my friends and kind passersby to build labyrinths for meditation, and reflection.


Today at the Grafton Lake State Park, I was very fortunate to have a young family assist me with this project. Many thanks to all who got their hands dirty and cocreated a work of wonderful art and healing.


As you may know labyrinths are designed around a central focal point where wishes and prayers may be answered once you begin walking the path with intention.


This labyrinth was designed with the same layout as the Reiki Cho-Ku-Rei symbol. This symbol is used in Reiki sessions to focus on a spot and concentrate Ki in a specific place by calling all of the power of the Universe in to the healing.


The Cho-Ku-Rei uses the spiral, which is one of the templates of life and can be seen in the way seashells such as the snail and nautilus are formed, the way sunflower seeds are arranged in the center of a flower, and in the unfurling of ferns. 


As with any labyrinth, creating it is a meditation within itself. Each newly made mound is made with an intention of joy, love, and mindfulness.


To begin, enter the labyrinth at the starting point. Breathe, acknowledge your intention if you are seeking answers, and begin your walking meditation. You can walk barefooted (my favourite) or with shoes. There is no true etiquette. Children often play in labyrinths and evoke a sense of wonder and nonchalance, which we as adults can learn from. If only to be a child again…


Once you’ve made it to the end, pause, reflect, show gratitude and make your wish or prayer. Often there will be some sort of focal point as mentioned before to center your thoughts and designate the spot of achievement! Leave a natural offering and exit with peace of mind, body, and spirit.

Happy Autumn…


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