Nature Journal: The Harvest Moon

harvest moon bavaria germany

Sun rise: 6.39 am – Sun set: 6:57 pm EST in Albany, NY (12 hrs. 17 min. 55 sec. of Day light)
Moon rise: 6.53 pm – Moon set: 9/20 6.48 am EST in Albany, NY (99.8% Illumination) Full Moon at 7:13 AM

Today, I woke rather late due to working a 19 hr. shift yesterday.

I woke to the sound of Chickadee and the Sun illuminating the grapevine and trees in the backyard. Today is supposed to be sunny with a high of 77 degrees F. This morning it got down to 49 degrees. The days and nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter. Condensation continues to cling to the windows of the early morning almost greeting us with what soon will be frost kissed glass.

Last night, tonight, and tomorrow night are going to be especially important.

If you have a love affair as I do with the Full Moons, then the next three nights are going to be rather “enlightening.”

Soon, Saturday-Sunday, The Autumnal Equinox will display an equal day and night’s worth of illumination. It is a special holy day and night beginning at Sundown on Saturday if you follow Ancient Celt tradition.

This Full Moon is so named obviously because we are now in harvest season. Equinox will be the second majour harvest out of three. First came the grains and beer, now comes the vegetable garden’s and grape harvest and of course you know what that means: Wine.

So, tonight and tomorrow, I hope you get to say hello to the Moon. Perhaps our greetings will meet along the way as we cheers to the night sky.


Photo courtesy of Bavaria, Germany from the Huffington Post


7 thoughts on “Nature Journal: The Harvest Moon

      1. Haha! Someday… When I become a doctor myself, I can only hope to be as charismatic and “dreamy” but first I have to complete my coursework before med school. :-p

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