Autumn Cleansing

Fresh grape juice

With every changing season, there is a changing that occurs in the human body.

We begin to acclimate.

We can help this acclimation through a simple detoxification cleansing.

A week or so of juice cleansing in early to mid-autumn will give you a boost of energy and may eliminate potential illness you have stored away, wither by flushing out excesses or by improving organ functions. There is such diversity of fruits and vegetables at this harvest time, so this should be much more easier than in spring.

The Master Cleanser is again a good choice.

You may also wish to use apple-pear juice, orange juice, or other fruit juices in the morning, with vegetable juices like carrot, beet, celery, zucchini, or parsley in the afternoon and evening.

Since it is Autumn, it is also Grape-harvest season.

Grapes are naturally good cleansers, and help to harmonize the body and act as a tonic for the lungs and large intestine.

Five to seven days of freshly squeezed grape juice will be delightful autumn cleanse, or just eating only grapes for a week will do. 

To go along with the grape-cleanse, drink a couple of glasses of fresh lemonade each day to balance out the flavours if the grapes become too sweet for you. It is always good to dilute many juices with water, and to drink slowly. You may wish to even chew your juices a bot to mix in your saliva enzymes, which will allow easier passage. Don’t forget to brush and floss.

Take one tablespoon of cold-pressed olive oil twice daily (BID), as well as one cup of an herbal laxative tea on rising and before bed. This will help keep the intestines moving. 

To help eliminate toxins even further, bath daily and use a brush or loofa to dry brush your skin to remove dead cells prior to bathing. Always brush towards the heart to stimulate flow. Begin at the farthest parts of your body and work your way in towards your center. Don’t forget to end bathing with a cold water to close your pores and further stimulate circulation. In colder weather your body will be more vulnerable to a deeper penetration of chill.

To replenish your hair and scalp, an overnight wheat germ treatment or Jojoba oil treatment is beneficial. Wheat germ is high in Vitamin E, and both are very rich in other nutrients. Before bed apply the treatment directly to your scalp and hair and massage gently. Wrap your head in a loose line or towel. When you wake up int he morning, so a bit of exercise, then shampoo your hair.

Exercise and sweating is also really great to facilitate cleansing. 

To further your cleanse, Colon Hydrotherapy or high colonic irrigation is a beneficial and on-toxic method of clearing out the large intestine. 

This has been used for thousands of years. After an initial weekly series, take one monthly for a year and a half, then seasonally. You’ll feel wonderfully and much lighter afterward. Drink some orange juice, tea or some potassium broth. Eating liquid acidophilus or acidophilus yogurt, which contains live lactobacillus organisms will help to replace any lost colon bacteria.

After a colonic you may feel lightheaded or weak temporarily. This will pass after a short rest. 

“Hippocrates claimed that chronic disease came from autointoxication, i.e., self-poisoning due to constipation. The deposits of accumulated waste in the colon release toxins which inflame the nerves producing rheumatism, neuralgia, melancholia, hysteria, eczema, acne, headaches, and many many other health problems. Hippocrates also taught the way to handle disease– Let Food Be Thy Medicine.” –Dr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston


Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elson M. Haas, M.D.

Photo courtesy of In Erika’s Kitchen


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