What needs liberating in your life?


“Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness.” — Wilhelm Reich

There always comes a time when the outdated routines of the past become too constricting for our present hearts.

It takes courage to liberate and free oneself from the chains of oppression and monotony.

There have been many liberation movements in the past, which a great legacy of strength can been drawn from.

Activism runs at the core of the human spirit because it is linked with our passion.

For every wrong to humankind, there is an equal uprising of hope and change that will proceed it.

So, the question today is this: what cause or force is rising up inside of you? What is screaming to be acknowledged and honoured?

What begs to be liberated from your mind, body, and soul? And do you have to do it alone?

“The artist produces for the liberation of his soul. It is his nature to create as it is the nature of water to run down the hill.” — W. Somerset Maugham


Solar question prompted by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional
Photo by an Unknown Artist


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