Lunar meditation: The blessing of twilight


We have run a complete lunar cycle in our Lunar meditations for Lughnasadh.

With each night, the cycle continues as we get closer and closer to the season of Samhain.

Last time I wrote about this particular mediation prompt, I wrote about that liminal time where day and night wed in a glorious and inspiring celebration of cricket song.

Tonight, let us go a bit deeper into the dusk. Down into the sunset: that time of nightfall in the evening as the day’s end begins to be painted.

That moment between daylight and darkness.

Where the soft glowing light from the sky as the sun dips below the horizon colours up the sky in a dance of bright hue.

Close your eyes, imagine that colour. Visualize the matting of peach on orange on purple on neon pink.

In your mind’s eye play with it as if you had a canvas in front of you, use Gaia as your paintbrush and see what painting you create as you channel your inner muse. What images do you draw? What cloud formations take hold? As the darkness begins to creep in on the woods and the trees, buildings and mountains become blacker, how does the contrast between colour and the dark balance? How might healing occur through this type of colour-therapy?

Let the colours flow from you like an exploding paint-can. Paint your dreams like never before.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Lunar meditation prompted by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional. 


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