Which unacknowledged needs are eating holes in you?


This question digs deep and forces us to consider our truest needs.

Our physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and mental needs.

We all have our own uniques ways about us. And our needs are unique to our personalities.

What is being unexpressed? What would be the worst thing if you divulged those needs to those who could fulfill them with ease?

Makes you wonder why we spend so much time neglecting those deep feelings and yearnings? Why we spend so much time denying ourselves those pleasures? Ohh…society…

Allow yourself that one simple pleasure of relaying those needs to another. Part the mists of your own inner critic. You may come to realize that those needs arent all that bad or weird or unhealthy.

Rather, the healthiest thing would be to actually express those needs in a responsible manner and bring yourself some peace.

Its fun exploring yourself. And its even funner when you explore with a partner.


Be safe.

Solar question prompted by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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