Lunar meditation: A poem of your choice

Here is a poem I wrote in February of 2011.

Rememberings of a Dream Long Ago

Send me away on a boat of spices &herbs,
floating away with the perfume of incense.
A sailing pyre of lament and hope for the future.
The realms diverge and converge on the ocean waves.
Will you send me away?
Into the depths of the white light?
Into the warmest lands of glaciers and
coldest worlds of desert? I’m sailing
away into the other-realms, yearning
for so much more than this
everyday monotony..

Betham and Nugent filled my mind most of the time.
Shakespeare on others, on  the more drunken nights
But know that my words were always meant to be read
By the light of the moon and by the scent of the sea.
Sailing away, I salute the ancients, the old and young.
My fire burns always, the Light of the Way.
Follow the spark of Love-

The waves rock me to and fro,
Given enough time I would recite
complete works, of artes past.
So, send me away
Away, on a bed of herbs & spices.
Let the incense pierce the veil, may the Light
that is my Life fill your eyes.
If you bury me upon the ocean waves, a mummified druid-
Dreamer and Shaman, healer of the new.
Visionary. Optimist. Will you listen to the words?
The drum beat of the dirges?
Will you feel the ebb and flow,
If I wear my shroud and you your tuxedo?

I’ve had enough moments to know,
To know what all these Lives and times amount to.
In the end everything comes together in a beautiful mess of reality,
Our realities, into the mists of the Otherworlds,
Our worlds.

So send me into our world,
On a bed of herbs & spices,
Smooring myself with flowers of Light,
Flowers of Life,
Flowers of Love.
Sending out ripples of destiny on the sea of Fate.

If I die send me away, on a bed of herbs and spices:
On a pyre of Love poems.

Do you have coin for the boatman?
To part the Mists and send me Home.



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