Which old habits do you need to change?


We humans are creatures of habit.

But some habits are healthier than others.

We all do things a certain way, and its okay, we are owed our each individual and unique querks. Its a part of being alive.

But to stay alive and healthy sometimes we need to get rid of or at least try to get rid of the deeply unhealthy aspects of our psyches.

Our old deeply set ways can do great harm if they are not in alignment with our higher Selves. This is where disappointment and ego thrives.

Which of your old bad habits need to be changed, embraced, and reconciled? Breathe, closed your eyes and converse with your Self. What does your heart answer? Be patient, and be compassionate towards you. We all heal and change with time.


Solar question prompted by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photo by an Unknown Artist.


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