Do you abuse or respect obligations?


With age we collect duties, saving face, traditions, and more as we take on more responsibility.

Whether that be a political obligation, or the obligations that come with getting married; we either respect these obligations/traditions or we abuse them, neglect them.

We see this all the time, corrupt officials who get caught up in scandal.  From money laundering to cheating on their spouses.

We see this because it is a natural part of life to have people, under dis-ease and stress make stupid decisions.

On the other side of the coin, there are those who disregard tradition altogether, go against social mores, and forge their own “sub-culture.”

Today’s solar question in that is  a hard one.

Did I abuse my obligation as a “good” catholic son who was supposed to grow up, leave home, find a wife and have 1.5 children? Yes.

I’m still a good person, who grew up, and left home. I’m just looking for a husband. I still want children.

Have I used my position to lie, cheat, and steal? Only if you count stealing paperclips on occasion from work accidentally.

So, what do you do my dear friend? Do you neglect or respect tradition?

Do you abuse or respect your obligations as a citizen of the planet earth?


Solar question prompted by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional. 


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