How is truth served in your life?


Good morning, I hope you had sweet dreams.

I rolled around in bed last night, but was able to stay in that dreamy-time state. This morning, I feel rejuvenated in some odd way. Perhaps it was because I meditated before bed? Or perhaps my body is just being kind to me after a long 4-day work week of 60+ hours. Either way, I am not complaining.

I sit today, at my dining room table, drinking a hemp protein and almond milk smoothie, and a steamy cup of peppermint tea on deck.

Today, Caitlin prompts us to reflect and meditate on the issue of trust and how we speak it or serve it rather to others.

  • Do you plate your truth on a shining silver platter?
  • Do you arrange it so it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye (ear) with side dishes of embellishment?
  • Do you serve your truth calculated and cold?
  • Do you serve the appetizer but forget the entree, and never ever provide dessert?
  • Or do you forget to serve it on time, delivering spoiled truths?

All of these questions go for how you speak your truth to others and yourself. If you are not honest, and serve it on a silver platter, how else will others take you seriously? We need to think how others will take the information that we present to them at the time. That is why a simple conversation can run dry, or how a simple text messaging can be so infuriating.

But you know what, sometimes people are just clueless. And we have to be compassionate about it, but once you explain to them once, and twice, and a third time over a course of a year, you just really get sick and tired of all the headaches.

So what can we all do?

Just speak our truths, honestly.

No games. No passive aggressiveness. Just truths. Your deep Self truths.

Like what Deepak Chopra taught us the other day,  before you speak, ask yourself these four questions. If you can say yes to all four questions, then your words will resonate with authenticity and love. And hopefully others will catch on.

  1. Is what I’m about to say kind?
  2. Is it true?
  3. Is it necessary?
  4. Does it improve upon the silence?

If they can’t take a hint? Well… print out this article and see what comes of it. Lol. If they can’t seem to grasp the simple beauty of deep heart-felt conversation then they really need a reality check and wake up to 21-century. It’s a big wide world out there. They’ll get it eventually.

In the mean time, make yourself a cup of hot peppermint tea and relax. Life can’t be all that bad all the time. You’ve radiated your truth and love. You’ve spoken it.

Now, it’s time to smile.

Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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