Lunar meditation: The harvest of your Soul


Tonight, the skies are clear and the Sturgeon Moon rises in the sky. Crickets are churping, and ever so often you can hear heavy apples falling from their trees.

Tonight’s meditation is about our soul’s harvest at this time.

For me, I am harvesting a new sense of Self. A more balanced Self. Where both lights and darknesses of my higher Self are learning to coexist with tender compassion and care.

The reaping season will soon be here, and the days are getting shorter. My deep Self is beginning to slow and show signs that soon will be a season for hibernation and deep dream work.

But for now, harvesting what I have learned in the past season is happening. My soul is busy with action and recollective reflection. The sheers are out, and soon I will be able to weave my Samhain web. But no, not yet. The winds are not yet ready. And there is still much to observe and understand.

Preserving this soul memory and knowledge into sweet jam for the coming months- this is what becomes of wisdom because if we do not preserve to save it, it will only grow moldy and sour.

I am canning and showing off these jars of knowledge and gifting them to whoever wishes to taste and learn.

I am quickly putting together classes and lesson plans for workshoppes in the coming months. This is all very exciting!

What is your soul’s harvest at this time of year?

Sweet dreams, good night…

Lunar meditation prompt by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photo by C. Smith at The Examiner.


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