Lunar meditation: The silent accord of true love


There is a silent agreement with the bonds of true love.

This agreement speaks of unbreakable devotion, equal protection, and unconditional compassion for not only eachother, but ourselves.

True lovers can always find eachother. They both work in tandem towards achieving a beautiful future together. They promote eachother’s dreams and happinesses. They accept themselves and eachother for who they are and love even more for that.

These silent pacts of lovers speak of a deep deep heart loyalty. But it goes so much deeper than simple chastity. These quiet bonds are even more strong due to the fact that they are silent, that they need not even be discussed because each of them know that they needn’t worry, and whatsmore, the worry isn’t present to begin with.

The bonds of true love surpass every known charm, theory, and law of physics and magic.

Its bonds are magic’s Magic and pure’s Purity and light’s Light and beauty’s Beauty.

True love’s silent accord is truest Truth.

I bless all who read these words with this brilliance. May it surround you and comfort every pain and suffering you may have. May it wash over you in peace, light, and love…

Good night, sweet dreams.

Lunar meditation posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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