Ceremonial Cleansings


Ceremonial cleansings are incredibly personal, rewarding and important; and should be preformed routinely (think spring & fall cleaning). Are you moving to a new house? Opening a new business? A new apartment? Getting rid of a bad roommate or tenant can also be daunting. See, memories remain, and those feelings echo outward into the four walls that we box ourselves into.

Oftentimes too, the process of moving, or opening a business in a new location can be hard to balance your own energies with that of the energies of the space. A simple cleansing can be preformed to prevent sour-moods arising, poor-spirits, and even physical ailments.

For me, energies are neither good nor bad. They do not operate in those human terms, they are entities unto themselves. Instead try looking at them as favourable or challenging with the pretext to inspire instead of thinking in terms of good versus evil. We may view these energies as a ripple of a trauma that occurred in the past, or they could just be manifesting due to your own issues, troubles, or worries. That’s okay, we can deal with that.

Why or How Does This Happen?

I touched upon this a little bit above. So why do buildings, rooms, and grounds get this way? Most often or another it is directly related to some form of trauma, small or big.

In terms of small, this stagnation can happen simply due to the space not being used, clutter, arguments, and suppressed feelings, and also due to your outer environment. During the cold dark winter months of the year, just think: the windows are closed. Very little fresh aire is getting in, and when it does, we quickly close the doors. Seasonal affect disorder affects more than just our moods and habits. We as energetic entities emanate the energy that we have. So if we are depressed, our surroundings become depressed and daunted. If we are happy and giggly, the room will be filled with that warmth and joy. So, baby if it’s cold outside- make it warm! If it’s hotter than a blazes, turn that aire conditioner or fan on! It’s all about staying in tune with both your inner energies and your outer ones.

In terms of big, this stagnation can happen due to prolonged depression, the loss of a loved one, or prolonged fighting, either with yourself, roommates, or significant other. Remember about that self emanating energy?

So, Where Do You Begin?

Clean, purge, and de-clutter lovelies! Open your doors and windows. Grab the broom, garbage bags, a cleaning rag, and some happy music and get to work! Physically cleaning a space is the first step to cleansing a space and opening it up to more balanced and fresh energies. Wash the walls, floors, windows and mirrors (all of these reflective surfaces absorb energies and reflect them back outward towards you and your loved ones). Once you’ve done the hard scrubbing part. Try using some essential oils in your mop water instead to get those added clean aromatherapy benefits. Use apple cider vinegar and lemons to wipe down your surfaces. Not only are they better for your ecosystem, they are better for you and your space to breathe. Oftentimes people can develop headaches and allergic reactions to harsh chemicals. Granted, yes, you do want to get both of those spiritual and physical germs and virals, but no need to go in with a hazmat suit.

Next, fix what needs to be fixed!  If you’re constantly using a plunger and Draino for your pipes, it’s now time to call a professional. If your light bulbs are burned out, replace them. If the door squeaks, oil the hinges. If the paint is cracking, repaint, and hey while you’re at it, be creative and try a new enriching colour!

And, Where I Begin

So, once you have purged and de-cluttered, I like to come within a day or so of that during the sun-time hours. Once the old is removed physically, it is time to ask any remaining energies to dissipate if they are not willing to live harmoniously. All the better if they are willing to stay and aide you as guardians! Who better to protect your home or workplace than an entity that has known it longer and wiser?

I walk through all nooks and crannies from attic to basement and attempt to get an initial feel for the place. As an empath, I tap into the energies of the grounds and am able to hone in on which areas are most in need of the cleansing.

It is vital that should you know that this is a serious and sacred ceremony, and all parties that wish to not take part should kindly remove themselves during the ritual.

If you feel comfortable I would ask you to aide me by adding your own personal energies to the mix as I conduct the cleansing. This allows you as the client to feel more involved with your property, and to really solidify your connection to the space.

I finish then with a Blessing, which is designed to align, give gratitude, and invoke your guardians or god(s) and balance yourself to your new warmed space. I may follow an Earth-based spirituality, but I respect and honour all religions regardless of views. My place is to help you, not make religious judgments.

Below you will see a general ritual outline. After a preliminary meet and greet, a general cleansing would look quite similar. Each ceremony will be unique with appropriate additions and subtractions. The point of ceremony is that it should work for who ever the ceremony is being conducted for. So whatever denomination you may be, you can arrange it to your liking. However, the most important rule of thumb is this: have fun! 


A General Outline

  • Unplug and turn off any electronic distractions
  • Assembling an Altar/ Creating Sacred Space
  • A Calling-In of Good Spirits
  • Cleansing the space with the help of Water, Fire, Earth, Air & Sound (Blessed Water, Candle, Salt, Smudge of Choice, & Instruments of Choice)
  • Dispelling Protection Chants
  • Invocation of Guardians & Wards
  • Ending Gratitude Prayers
  • Celebratory Feast

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