What joy do you miss most: where is joy within you?


I have always said that Autumn was my favourite season, and to an extent it is. But the truth of the matter is, my deeper joy comes from winter.

As I sat meditating these questions, what I miss, where inside of my heart does joy make home? The sky started to snow.

Perhaps this is because of Emoto water crystals, however there is no truer joy that sings from my soul but for a nice warm cup of hot chocolate whilst riding a sleigh through a pine woods as puffs of snow fall down to earth in grace from the heavens.

The winter solstice season is so very dear to my heart.

From that first cool frost moment, the spirit of the season decends upon so many whose spirit dance the uplifting song of wholeness and love.

And that is from whence my joy resides.

What joy do you miss? Where does joy reside in you?


Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.
Photo found at Carol Cassara.


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