Which of your skills needs to be honed at this time?


Today’s solar question goes hand in hand with today’s Deepak meditation on awareness.

I need to hone my skill of listening.

Too often I am in such a hurry to help, I assume and jump the gun and misunderstand or become defensive in my response with my family and lover.

This skill needs to be honed a bit more when it comes to my family. I find that I am better when it comes to my patients and friends, than with my own family and lover. I feel oftentimes, in the healthcare field we do this. We share all of the awareness and healing for others, and do not extend the same courtesy to our children, parents or spouses.

Perhaps this is so because we hope and expect to be nourtured, healed, and listened to by them. We need this from them so much because so much of our energy has already been depleted.

So we rely on our children, parents, and spouses to fill us back up; when all they want is us to share the same relationship we have with our patients/clients with them.

It is a perplexing matter.

Hence the need for this skill to be honed a bit further.

With simple mindfulness, and a bit more consideration and compassion, I know there will be a harvest and come an answer.

What skill needs to be honed for you?


Solar question posed by Caitlin Matthews, Celtic Devotional.


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