Day 13 – Miraculous Awareness

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” —Ram Dass

Miraculous Awareness

Today, as we continue on the journey toward creating miraculous relationships, we explore one of the richest gifts we have to offer others: our undivided attention. In the enlightening stillness of meditation, we will focus on the many gifts available through listening with our ears, heart, and soul.

Consider for a moment the last time you truly felt heard. What a gift it is when another person is truly present, hearing our words as well as receiving all the unspoken messages we send through our energy, body, and nonverbal communication. Listening is a form of mindful attention that brings us fully into the present moment, where miracles can unfold in our relationships and in every area of our lives.

Our centering thought for today is:

“I am present.”

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Om Vardhanam Namah.” I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.


Set the intention to have at least one conversation today in which you truly listen with your heart and soul. Give yourself permission to pause your busy inner dialogue. Listen to the words being spoken and make the choice to listen beyond the words to receive the full spirit and potential of the message. With fresh and attentive eyes and ears, witness the miracle of the person before you, seeing them through the eyes of your heart. With this practice you invite true connection, infinite possibility, and abundant love into your life and relationships.- Deepak & Oprah

Being aware takes effort. Really listening and silencing that own inner critic when someone else is talking to you can be difficult to nip in the bud.

But with mindfulness of this awareness, you will be able to analyse your own behavior when it comes with others, and with yourself.

The hardest part is to not speak right away.

Stop. Breathe. Process what is being told to you.

Today’s meditation was a good reality check for me today. Sometimes I think I understand right away, and really I am only hearing what I want to hear, or what I think I hear. I need to learn to do this more often, to be aware, and to not assume.

To stop, listen deeply to the spirit and soul of the conversation first then allow my own spirit and soul to respond in kind.

Namaste dear ones. Om Vardhanam Namah. 


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