2013 Grafton Peace Walk








This was my second year doing the Grafton Peace Walk.

As always the walk held much significance, and even though we were a little behind we were able to make a difference in the local biosphere.

Along the way were were touched by dragonfly (literally), salamander, bat, deer, and opossum medicine.

We were able to aid a few salamanders migrate across the road to the main wetlands.

Once at the temple and pagoda, we were able to catch the night’s programme with Hattie Nestel from the Citizens Awareness Network.

Once Hattie was finished we were all led my lantern light to walk around the pagoda offering our own personal prayers to the land, sea, and sky.

We were able to stay for the Interfaith Prayers for Peace, which is always beautiful. It was a wonderful experience where Jew, Christian, Muslim, and Native American Prayers were heard together in earnest strength and friendship.

Following the prayers we were fortunate to hear Bruce Gagnon from Global Net: Keep Space For Peace.

Due to the cold and time, we decided to go, but I feel honoured to have experienced as much as I did. It was even more meaningful to share the experience with my ailing mother. Next year, I am hoping to gather a larger group to go feel the amazing presence that is created there at the pagoda.


The rest of the programme was as follows:

·         Hiroshima Taiko, Mountain River Taiko

·         Robert & Susan – Gillian’s Island, Songs of Peace


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