Lunar meditation: The message of the blood

Jordan Eagles

Tonight’s meditation has me thinking.

It has me thinking about primal life force energy, cannibalism, vampyrism, menstruation, blood-magic, the blood of Christ, wine, Japanese blood-type personalities, and Peter J. D’Adamo’s Blood-type Diet.

It’s all there, floating around inside my head. But at the core, the message of the blood is what connects us.

It is our life, our ancestry, our genetics. The message of our blood is the inherent wisdom and energy that flows through our veins.

Those rivers of red poetry, memories of our current and past lives. Little whispers in the primordial soup of our inner heart springs. The message flows like a fountain. The message of the blood is true: it is that which moves us forward.

The song of the heart animating our body, allowing it to dance to the pulse of life.

Whether you are A, B, AB, O, RH. Whether you are positive or negative.

What message flows through you? What story flows through your veins?

Good night, sweet dreams.

Artwork by Jordan Eagles


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